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What Can I Put On My French Bulldog’s Nose?

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The French bulldog’s nose is a main ‘tool’ that helps him to discover the world. That tiny body part alternates between wet and dry and contains more than 300 million olfactory receptors. Since your Frenchie’s nose needs to get essential care just like the rest of his body, these tips will help you keep it soothed and healthy.

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What is the best product to use on a French bulldog’s nose?

We all know that a dog’s nose should be cold and wet. The dry and warm nose doesn’t mean that your dog suffers from an underlying issue. It can be triggered by a dog’s inability to soothe it by licking. Since French bulldogs have brachycephalic heads, they are incapable to lick their noses, so they often become cracked and dry.

Other cases that can cause the dryness of a French bulldog’s nose are:

  • Allergies Your French bulldog might suffer from environmental allergies. The dryness can be caused by seasonal, food, or contact allergens. In case of seasonal allergy, you should strengthen the dog’s immunity and gently clean the muzzle and folds it with a wet cloth every time he gets back from outside. In that way, you’ll decrease the possibility of becoming dry, itchy, or warm.cBesides, we also recommend you not to use plastic water and food bowls for your Frenchie. They can collect bacteria, and can also trigger the allergy.
  • Weather changes and dehydration– The thin and spongy skin on your French bulldog’s nose reacts sensitively to cold or hot weather. Central heating can also affect nasal moisture. Therefore, make sure you provide your dog with plenty of water throughout the year. Dehydration can happen even during cold months when the indoor air is too dry.
  • Autoimmune disorders– Although autoimmune disorders occur rarely, your vet might perform an exam to check whether a dog suffers from neurological issues.

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What to use on my French bulldog’s nose?

Using nose balms with strong scents is not recommended. They can trigger sneezing, allergies, and usually point out they’re rich in artificial fragrances. Instead, we advise you to use nose balms that feature only natural ingredients.

French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer is carefully designed for dry and cracked noses, and you can use it even as daily protection throughout the year.

It consists of only non-toxic and organic ingredients such as Olive oil, and Avocado. Even if your Frenchie licks it, this nose balm is made of ECOCERT ingredients.

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How to use the French bulldog Nose Moisturizer?

Clean the dog’s nose with a wet cotton pad, and then gently apply the balm with another dry cotton pad or your fingers. Try to occupy your Frenchie’s attention by rewarding him with treats. You can use it 2 times a week, and it is also suitable for treating tear stains and nose hyperkeratosis.


What natural ingredients can I put on my French bulldog’s nose?

Coconut oil represents one of the best home ingredients that help in treating nose hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs. You can apply it daily, and it’s totally harmless even if your pooch licks it.

The coconut oil will help the crusty and flaky skin to fall out,  and it will improve the production of new ones.