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French Bulldog Jackets: The Ultimate Guide

French Bulldog jacket on cute brown Frenchie against pink background

Oh, my deer! It’s that time of the year when snow makes everything look like a fairy tale. And… for your Frenchie, it means wearing extra layers to stay warm and safe from hypothermia. Since finding the right French bulldog jackets might sound challenging, we decided to help their owners find the one that will keep their dogs snug and cozy.

Jackets for Frenchies can be worn on different occasions. Whether you’re taking your pooch outside, or you want to make it look festive during the most special time of the year, these picks will definitely blow your mind.

Should French bulldogs wear coats?

Frenchies are unique in many ways. They are iconic-looking, affectionate, cheerful, playful, and love to clown around. Besides, they currently take the 2nd position on the AKC’s list of most popular dogs in the world. French bulldogs are one of those dogs that will quickly steal your heart and become friends for life. On the other hand, they know to be quite demanding.

In other words, it means that you’ll have to pay special attention to their health and care during colder months. Since they have short snouts and small bodies, they often deal with hypothermia in low temperatures. Therefore, Frenchies should definitely wear jackets and coats because it’s the only way to make them feel comfortable when walking outside.

If you often see your Frenchie trembling, shaking, and panting, then you can be quite sure he/she’s dealing with hypothermia. Other symptoms include fast breathing, fast heartbeat, spontaneous leg raising, and many others.

What is good for French bulldog coats?

Depending on the season and weather conditions, you can choose a French bulldog jackets made from a waterproof, padded, or fleece fabric.

Waterproof and windproof fabrics are great for staying dry in wet weather, while padded and fleece fabrics will help in keeping your little gremlin warm. In case you’re taking your Frenchie outside in rainy weather, I recommend you choose a raincoat made from a lightweight fabric.

Your pup deserves a change of clothes during the stormy days as much as you do. Therefore, get your Frenchie a raincoat to keep them looking and feeling dry and be on their best behavior. The following French bulldog raincoat won’t let them feel cold and will also keep them protected from rain and wind. It also features a leash hole and reflective stripe to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

french bulldog jackets

French bulldog jackets made from fleece fabric will be a great pick for dry and cold weather. Fleece works as a thermal fabric and keeps your dog’s body temperature within optimal limits. On the other hand, padded jackets and coats will be suitable both for dry and wet weather. I recommend you choose a waterproof outer layer in case you want your dog to stay dry and safe from the rain and snow.

What size jacket does a French bulldog wear?

Frenchies might be small in size, but they usually wear the large size of clothes. It’s because they have wide necks and stout bodies. On the other hand, they also have short legs, so finding the right size of clothing might sound difficult. That’s why we recommend buying items for your little gremlin only from specialized stores. Frenchie World is an online store that sells clothes that are specially tailored to suit these little gremlins.  Besides dog hoodies for Frenchies, sweaters, shirts, and life jackets, you’ll also find jackets for Frenchies and other items inspired by these adorable creatures.

What are the best picks of French bulldog jackets for the winter season?

Puffer French Bulldog Jumpsuit

In a dog’s life, there can be infinitely many delightful winter activities to do- and winter games are, without any doubt, the best! But sometimes all of those hours you spend baking in the cold with your little rascal can lead to nothing but frustration. That’s why you should grab him that adorable French Bulldog jumpsuit on a whim! This weatherproof material will keep your furry friend safe and warm even on the coldest day or night.

french bulldog jackets

All Over Frenchie Snowsuit

Ensuring your dog stays comfortable in the cold has never been easier. Now you can protect your pet from winter’s worst with our All Over Frenchie Snowsuit. Treat them to the warmth and safety they deserve out in the sleet and snow. This Frenchie jacket/jumpsuit is padded and also made from a waterproof and windproof fabric, which means your pet can enjoy snowball fights as much as he/she wants.

jackets for frenchies

Dog Face French Bulldog Windbreaker Jacket

If you’re looking for the perfect pet raincoat this season, this Frenchie jackets will not disappoint you for sure! With reflective stripes, waterproof outer fabric, and a hood to let them run around in the puddles, going outside is a lot safer now. The zipper closure eases dressing, while the elastic drawstring allows you to set the size.

frenchie jacket

French Bulldog Fashion Fleece Jacket

Who doesn’t love dressing the #furkid in adorable winter clothes? Chances are, your dog has his fair share of jackets! Why not dress them in something cozy and stylish that will not hurt their health or coat in any way? Take it one step further and make it fashionable as well! Protect them from chilly walks with this chic and trendy dog fleece jacket.

Color Splash French Bulldog Jacket

This jacket is made with high-grade fabric that has been reinforced with stitching at the hems and seams, which makes it durable. Since it’s made from a fuzzy fleece and made in a gorgeous splash of multi colors, your dog will stay noticed wherever you go. Why not add a touch of vivid colors to foggy and cold winter days? This pick of French bulldog jackets will definitely be a conversation starter in your neighborhood!

french bulldog jackets

Polar Fashion French Bulldog Jacket

For those special winter days when you want to keep your dog both warm and safe from wet weather, we recommend you have a look at this jacket. It’s inspired by the famous human fashion brand and it’s available in 2 colors. The glossy outer layer is waterproof, while the warm pp cotton padding will be a great warm layer to warm up your little pet’s body. Who’s told that French bulldog jackets can’t be inspired by human fashion brands? We bet this one will become the favorite pick of every dog owner who cares about their frogdog’s style.

french bulldog jackets

Cow Fleece French Bulldog Jackets

This French bulldog jackets will be a trendy accessory for dogs that appreciate comfort and style. Keep your French Bulldog comfortable and stylish with this high-quality, fashionable jacket. It is designed with the latest fashion trends in mind and is made from soft, warm fleece fabric for maximum warmth. It has zippers for easy access and a high cut to avoid messes when dogs go potty.

french bulldog jackets

Contemporary Hooded French Bulldog Jacket

Your search for a warm & fashionable balmy weather must-have is over! Roomy enough to allow room for activities & easy to maintain, yet lightweight enough to travel with too. Now, you can bundle up your doggo while they’re out and about, and stay snug and warm on any adventure.

frenchie jackets

French Bulldog Harness Winter Vest

When temperatures drop and fear of frostbite sets in, take warm strides with a fellow Frenchie by your side in our winter vest. Insulated and snugly as a bug. With features like adjustable straps, inner high-tech fleece lining and detachable tether straps, your dog will never have to go out in the cold or blizzard once again! Since it’s actually 2 in 1 product, this item will also make your winter walks easy. It’s definitely one of the best-selling French bulldog jackets on the market!

french bulldog jackets


How to know if my Frenchie feels comfortable in the winter?

Besides observing your dog’s body language, you should also keep in mind that no Frenchie should spend a lot of time outside in the winter. My advice is to keep the walks short and put quality French bulldog boots on his/her feet. Since dogs regulate their body temperature through their paw pads, it’s essential to keep those tiny body parts safe where you’re on the go!

Frenchies can approximately spend 15 min outside in temperatures below 10 C degrees. If you decide that your dog can spend more time outside, please, be aware of the following signs of hypothermia:

  • Fast breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Paleness
  • Slow moves
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Shallow breathing

Wearing French bulldog jackets and coats can be one of the options to keep your pet comfortable and safe in the winter. However, they’re not enough to keep them fully protected, especially if you’re planning to spend plenty of time with your pet outside.

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