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The Best French Bulldog Hoodies- Top 20 Picks

french bulldog hoodies

When choosing clothes for French bulldogs, it’s essential to find the right cut that won’t restrict their mobility. Since these pooches are naturally prone to hypothermia during winter due to their shortened nostrils, you must dress them in comfy French bulldog hoodies. Hoodies for Frenchies can be found in different styles, fabrics, and designs. However, they all have the same purpose. Whether your pup needs the protection of allergens or cold, a well-made hoodie will become his favorite piece of clothing in cold days. P.S. The good news is that we’ve also selected hoodies that can be worn in the summer too. Read on, and discover the best picks!

How to choose the right French bulldog hoodies?

  • choosing the right cut and size

Since Frenchies are famous for their stout, short, and muscle-built bodies, choosing the right cut might be challenging. That’s why I recommend you to buy clothes only in stores that are specialized to sell items for this breed. Frenchie World clothing store offers you to find clothes for Frenchies at reasonable prices.

Each item coming from Frenchie World has been tried on our Frenchies to make sure whether the cut is suitable. When choosing French bulldog hoodies, it’s important to pick the right length. That’s why I highly recommend you to check the size guide before ordering.

Note that wearing long hoodies won’t make your dog comfy and may represent an issue when going to the toilet. On the other hand, long sleeves are also a feature you should avoid. For my Frenchies, I prefer choosing those hoodies with cuffs because they won’t fall over the paws. Elastic cuffs that are made of soft ribbed cotton have been shown as the best picks that don’t restrict the dog’s activities and maintain the quality of the cut for a long time.

  • choosing the right fabric

Depending on the season, you should choose hoodies made of cotton or cotton blends. For the spring and autumn season, I prefer buying cotton Frenchie hoodies because they allow the skin to breathe. Besides, they’re soft in touch and don’t restrict the dog’s movement.

If you need to find a winter dog hoodie, you can choose those that are padded with a thermal layer of fabric or those made of cotton-poly blends. Different fuzzy hoodies can also be very beneficial in making a dog warm in the winter. They’re not only soft-in-touch but also elastic and provide a ‘blanket feeling’.

  • design that catches everyone’s eye

Since French bulldog breed is one of a kind, I adore seeing Frenchies wearing cute, stylish, and unique clothing. These favorite dogs of city dwellers simply don’t deserve to wear basic and boring-looking clothes. They should become spotted wherever they appear, whether it’s going to strolls or some other special occasion.

What are the best picks of French bulldog hoodies for colder weather conditions?

Winter Velour Pom Hoodie

Velour fabric is known as a material that provides a soft, warm, and gentle feeling to the skin. That’s why I prefer using this Frenchie hoodie in the winter when my pooch needs and an extra layer to stay warm. It’s available in 2 colors and has a pom-pom decoration on the hood.

french bulldog hoodies

Striped Hooded Dog Shirt by Frenchie World

The striped pattern never goes out of style. That’s why I often choose striped hoodies for my dogs. This pick is well-padded and extremely soft due to a layer of faux sheep fur. It features a button closing and a hood that can be used during wind, rain, and snow. Since it’s easy to dress, you won’t bother your Frenchie when preparing to go to strolls.

french bulldog hoodies

Frenchie World® Basic Dog Hoodie

If you ask me, every dog needs to have a basic hoodie in his wardrobe. This easy-to-match item is perfect to wear on chilly and crisp fall and spring days. Besides, it’s super elastic, so your batpig won’t feel any sort of discomfort.

This Basic French bulldog hoodie comes in many colors, and you’ll probably have a hard time choosing.

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

Add an extra pair of ears and turn your Frenchie into the cutest creature in the world! Well, this French bulldog rabbit hoodie is made of ribbed cotton and will ideally suit spring weather conditions. The hoodie is available in two colors and can be washed in a machine at 30 c. Besides your dog can wear it to stay warm, it will also serve as a protection against allergens. Note that seasonal pollen, dust, and dirt can be only some of the triggers of allergy in your pet.

french bulldog hoodies

Frenchie World® Camouflage Hoodie

From now on, your Frenchie will become your favorite soldier in the neighborhood by wearing the Frenchie World Camouflage Hoodie. Looking for a way to keep your Frenchie warm during winter? Check out our camouflage hoodie! Made of lightweight fabric, this hoodie is perfect for keeping your pup cozy on cold days. And with the stylish camo pattern, it’ll make your Frenchie one of the most fashionable dogs around!

Ultra-Soft French Bulldog Hoodie

Made of ultra-soft Velvet, this mouse Frenchie hoodie will make your pet stunning even during the cozy autumn days. Thanks to a high cut on the belly, your pup won’t experience potty messes. The cute hood features mouse ears, so your little gremlin can look irresistible, snugged, and safe in the windy weather conditions. It also comes with a backside pocket that brings a sporty look. You can choose between three colors, and wash it in a machine at  30 c.

Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie

This Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie will make the cooler months feel warm and comfortable. Thanks to a modern print on the hood, your pup will look sporty and ready for any activity. Made of cotton blend, it represents an ideal pick for crisp autumn and spring evenings.

Winter Snug Hoodie

If you are searching for French bulldog hoodies that can be worn in harsh weather conditions, then you’re in the right place. This hoodie features a thermal faux sheep fur and the stretchability makes it perfect for everyday wear. The fuzzy ears on the hood bring a cute appearance and the button closure will prevent hair twitching. It is available in different pastel colors and you can wash it in cold water.

french bulldog hoodies

Koala Koala Fleece Dog Hoodie

Turn your little gremlin into a furry koala by dressing him/her into Koala Fleece dog hoodie. Made of soft-in-touch fabric, your pup will have the snugged feeling while wearing it. The hoodie is available in 3 colors and the cute ears, eyes, and nose put on the hood will make your dog irresistible.

frenchie hoodies

Frenchie World® basic embroidered hoodie

Emblazoned with a lovely embroidered detail, this Frenchie hoodie is made to keep your dog comfy and snugged every day. It comes in many colors and sizes and can be worn on those crisp days both inside or outside the house. The good feature about this hoodie is that it comes with a hole for a leash. Therefore, it’s very handy when you want to for a walk.

french bulldog hoodies

Summer French Bulldog Hoodie

Decorated with a lovely and fresh summer design, this hoodie gotta become part of your dog’s closet. Easy to dress with zipper closure, your Frenchie will become adventurous without compromising comfort and mobility.

It features cuffs on the sleeves, an adjustable hood, and a hole to attach the leash. Therefore, get ready for the windy and chilly days and make your pet spotted wherever appears. The prints are of the highest quality, and they won’t fade or crack even if when pooch acts like a messy piglet.

french bulldog hoodies

Piggie French Bulldog Hoodie

Every piglet needs to have a hoodie that will perfectly describe their personality. That’s why we decided to put on the list this cute and funny pick that will make your Frenchie unique, spotted, snugged, and protected. Embellished with playful piggies, this zipper hoodie will protect your pup from wind and light rain.

hoodies for frenchies

What are the best French bulldog hoodies for warmer months?

You may not have known, but there are French bulldog hoodies that serve as protection of UV rays and different allergens. They are usually made of mesh or some other transparent and breathable fabrics that can protect your French bulldog’s sensitive skin.

The following Pearl Sunscreen French bulldog hoodie can be worn during warmer months. It can prevent the dog’s skin from mosquito bites and other insects when spending time outdoors. Since it’s breathable, your dog won’t feel hot, and will still get the essential UV protection.

Distressed Slick Dog Hoodie

Bring some urban moments into your dog’s closet by buying this Distressed Slick Dog hoodie. Decorated with torn edges and holes throughout the fabric, this hoodie will turn your dog into the fashion icon of casual clothing.

Since it has short sleeves, your dog can wear it during the warmer months. It is available in 2 colors, and the stretchability will support all the dog’s activities.

french bulldog hoodies

Three Stripes Frenchie Hoodie

Since it features 100% cotton, this Frenchie hoodie can be worn during warmer months when you want to have a walk with your dog on breezy days. Decorated with sporty three stripes and available in many colors, you can even make a lovely matching outfit with your clothes.
The hoodie is machine washable and the zipper neckline makes it easily adjustable.
hoodies for frenchies

UV Sun Protection Frenchie Hoodie

From now on, your Frenchie will be able to hit the sunny days by wearing this UV Sun Protection Frenchie Hoodie. It’s made of transparent and breathable webbing that provides essential ventilation to the dog’s skin. At the same time, your frog dog will stay protected from the sun and his skin won’t get hot and irritated by direct sunlight. Since Frenchies should not be allowed to spend time in the sun due to their tendency to overheat, I recommend you to use this hoodie when spending time at the beach and during short strolls.

french bulldog hoodies

What are the best French bulldog hoodies to wear on special occasions?

Since we all want to look special and spotted on different occasions, it would be great to have a unique and funny piece of clothing for your dog. These picks of French bulldog hoodies can also serve as costumes on Halloween parties, Christmas, and other occasions. Let’s discover how to make your dog fancy, snugged, and spotted.

Devil/Unicorn French Bulldog Hoodie

Does your Frenchie act like the devil from time to time? Well, if the answer is yes, then you gotta dress him into this crazy-looking hoodie. The hoodie features the devil’s horns so it can represent the perfect pick for Halloween parties. On the other hand, the Unicorn Frenchie hoodie is for those gentle and calm souls that carefully listen to the owner’s commands.

french bulldog hoodies

French Bulldog Flower Hoodie

If you consider your Frenchie for your baby girl, then I’m sure you’re gonna love to dress her into this Flower hoodie. Since it features petals on the hood, you’ll turn your little princess into the cutest flower in the neighborhood. The hoodie is made of fuzzy fabric that will cover your dog as the warmest blanket in the winter.

frenchie hoodies

French Bulldog Snail Hoodie

We all need a ‘four-legged snail’ in our lives to slow down the stress and bring joy to our everyday routines. Well, from now on, your lovely Frenchie will surely put a smile on your face every time you dress him/her into this lovely French bulldog hoodie.

french bulldog hoodies

Bee Frenchie Hoodie

Keep your furry gremlin comfy, lovely, and snugged by wearing this high-quality Bee hoodie. Emblazoned with bee wings, your Frenchie will be ready to fly from flower to flower. Your dog can wear it on special occasions when you want to make him become noticed wherever paws in.

french bulldog hoodies