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The Spookiest French Bulldog Halloween Costumes In 2021

French bulldog Halloween costumes

In case you want to get ready for a trick or treat celebration, then we’re quite sure that you also want to make your dog spotted. These cute and spooky French bulldog Halloween costumes are must-have items for spending one of the most popular celebrations in a year. They’re all made to suit the bodies of the French bulldog breed and make them comfortable wherever they go.

What are the spookiest French bulldog Halloween Costumes?

Even though you’re a proud owner of one of the most iconic-looking dogs in the world, you can turn your Frenchie into the spookiest furry creature too. These funny and a little bit scary costumes for French bulldogs can turn your dog into a serial killer, bat, skeleton, and Chucky.

Chucky French Bulldog Costume

If you’re a fan of the Child’s Play slasher film franchise, then this French bulldog costume will definitely become your favorite pick. You can even create a matching outfit with your furry gremlin and you’ll have the best and the most original-looking costumes for a Halloween party.

french bulldog halloween costumes

Glow In The Dark Skeleton Jumpsuit

Make your furry gremlin glow in the dark in this Skeleton French Bulldog Jumpsuit. It’s available in two colors, and your pup will make everyone feel frightened of a four-legged walking skeleton in the night. Leave the jumpsuit to ‘pick up’ the sunlight during the day, and your Frenchie will show the best glowing effect in the dark.

french bulldog halloween costumes

Bat Pig Dog Costume

Ok, we’re already enough of bats who are closest known ancestors to the pandemic strain. However, we bet you haven’t seen a four-legged walking bat that looks like a pig. To make your little pup spotted at a Halloween party, this adorable batpig costume will help him/her stand out of the crowd.

french bulldog halloween costumes

French Bulldog Halloween Headwear

Nothing will beat a costume that will make your Frenchie look like he has just run out from a horror movie. Choose between meat chopper, ax, syringe, or scissors and make everyone feel afraid of your lovely little gremlin. Just imagine a panting Frenchie approaching you in the dark… Well, it’s probably the last thing you want to experience on a Halloween night.

Dog Funny Mouth Piece

Let your Frenchie surprise you and your guests with a million-dollar smile! Won’t it look beautiful? Choose between Dracula’s jaw, perfectly white teeth smile, and pig muzzle. The comfort for your pooch is promised because the pleasure will be complete if you dip the pacifier into the peanut butter.


Devil/Unicorn French Bulldog Hoodie

If you’re searching both for a practical and spooky option for your little gremlin, then this will be one of your favorite picks of French bulldog Halloween costumes. Turn your naughty Frenchie into a devil and make him warm and comfy at the same time. This French bulldog hoodie is made of pleasant and breathable cotton fabric, and it’s also great for evening strolls through the neighborhood.
french bulldog halloween costumes

Triceratops Dinosaur Headgear

Are you a lover of Triceratops that lived 69 million years ago? Well, thanks to this cute Halloween Frenchie costume, your pup can also have three sharp horns and a spiky head plate. Despite their fierce appearance, these famous ceratopsians, or horned dinosaurs, were herbivores.

Pumpkin Halloween Costume

No Halloween party will be complete without a cute pumpkin dog costume. Your little batpig will look adorable with his/her fatty belly and round body in this plush pumpkin suit.
french bulldog halloween costumes

French Bulldog Funny Mouth Mask

Get ready for one of the craziest-looking French bulldog Halloween costumes you’d ever see. It’s actually a face mask that will stand attached around your dog’s head with an elastic band. There are 11 types to choose from and the design is carefully made according to the French bulldog’s muzzle.

frenchie halloween costumes

Who’s that cute little witch that snores, farts, and pants like a pig? Your furry four-legged princess will surely go noticed in this latex French bulldog costume. Nothing can beat all that shine and gloss on a dog costume party. Emblazoned with a pumpkin on the dog’s back and a golden belt, this dress will make your pup look insanely cute.

Dog Zombie Funny Glasses

With these Zombie glasses, your dog will look like he has just came out of the grave. The bloodshot eyes are totally creepy and your little gremlin will get all the attention on the Halloween party. Taking photos will be awesome with them!

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