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French Bulldog Crate Training- The Best Tips and Tricks

french bulldogs crate training

French bulldog crate training presents one of the first steps to live with a well-behaved dog. It may take some time and efforts, however, the goal is to teach your pet house rules. House rules consist of knowing what is allowed to chew on and where a dog is allowed to go.

When we talk about the word ‘crate’, it’s not referred to as a closed place such as a cage. Crates may present baby x-pens or a simple dog bed.

french bulldog crate training

Why is French bulldog crate training important?

Crate training is very important for dogs because they are den animals. In other words, they need safe places where they can rest and feel confined. Since most of today’s canines live indoors, crate training serves to satisfy their natural instinct.

And, what is most important, this part of the training will help a dog to learn housebreaking rules. Since Frenchies usually don’t make accidents in their beds, your dog’s crate will always stay clean. There’s no puppy who will do the potty in the place where he spends most of the time.

Another reason why French bulldog crate training is essential is that these pooches are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. They are ‘created’ to live beside their owners, so spending time alone can be very stressful for them. That’s why crates are important. They help dogs to feel relaxed and spend time there while their owners are at work.


How to perform French bulldog crate training?

When you first time introducing a Frenchie with his crate, it’s very important not to turn it into a traumatic experience. Make sure your furry friend feels relaxed and pleasant throughout the whole process. To make your pet step into a crate space, my advice is to put your dog’s blanket or even your piece of clothes inside of it. In that way, your French bulldog won’t feel frightened and will become curious to explore the place.

Stay close to your dog and let him investigate the crate on his own. If he makes one step forward and two steps back, then you should postpone the training for the next day. You should never push the dog to go to the crate and leave him there to spend time alone.

The second step presents putting some tasty treats inside the crate. Food is often the best motivational tool for most dogs. Therefore, show your Frenchie affection and tell him praise words to encourage him to reach the crate. If your pooch doesn’t show any signs of fright, then you can go to the next step.

After you allowed your Frenchie to spend  1 or 2 minutes in his crate, you should call him to join you and reward him with a treat. By telling him words such as ‘Good boy/girl’, ‘Bravo’, ‘good job’, your pet will connect the lesson with desirable behavior.

Teach your dog gradually to spend time in the crate

By gradually prolonging the time spent in the crate, you’ll do a lot both for your dog’s personality and health. In that way, you’ll keep him away from separation anxiety. It is a condition where a Frenchie goes through a real panic when he realizes he’s been left alone.

My suggestion is to choose a dog bed for a crate. It should become the place where your French bulldog can go at any time of the day. Whether he will use it for a spot to chill, have a nap or play, the only thing that matters is to make your pet feel pleasant. Click on the article about the best Frenchie beds that you can use for crate training.

french bulldog crate

After your pet started to feel relaxed to spend time in his crate, it’s time to leave the room unnoticed. It might seem impossible because our dogs hear and see everything, however, you should try to sneak out when he looks like he’s playing with toys.

After you left your Frenchie alone in his crate for 5 minutes, you should get back and reward him with his favorite treat. This lesson should be performed daily by gradually increasing the time.

What to do when you really need to eave the house?

Before you really leave your pup to spend time alone in the crate or around the crate for a few hours, you need to teach a dog command ‘go to bed’. You can also choose other words if you think it would better fit the command.

Point your dog the direction where the crate is and practice the command for several days. Don’t forget to reward your batpig with a treat after each completed command.

When you finally reach the last stage of your French bulldog crate training and you need to leave the house, it’s important not to make emotional scenes. Leave the house without hugging your Frenchie and making heartbreaking shows. Daily changing your departure routine is also essential. In that way, you’ll confuse your dog so he’ll be less prone to develop separation anxiety.

french bulldogs get cold

What dog toys to use when performing a French bulldog crate training?

Dog toys not only help in teaching a dog to go to a crate but they also improve their intelligence. That’s why I recommend you to use them so your dog can learn what is allowed to chew on. The following Chewing dog toy is perfect for younger puppies that deal with growing teeth. The toy is made of durable rubber that also helps in removing tartar and plaque.

french bulldog toy

Another great toy to occupy a dog’s attention while you are out of home is the following Frenchie World interactive feeding egg. This toy consists of different levels of interaction, so your pooch will feel intrigued every time you allow him to play with it.