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French Bulldog Biting- Reasons and Prevention

french bulldog biting

French bulldog biting can become a real-life struggle for owners of this breed if it’s not prevented on time. Your dog’s needle-sharp teeth can leave scary bites not only on your home items but also on your hands. Since you can’t judge your pet for such uncontrollable behavior, you need to discover ways how to stop him from doing it.

french bulldog biting

French bulldog biting- What are the main reasons?

We all know that Frenchies behave friendly toward strangers and other dog breeds as well. However, dog owners often mix French bulldog biting with aggression. The ‘biting stage’ represents the part of every puppy’s life. Since they explore the world with their noses and mouth, it’s normal to face such a part of your dog’s personality at his early age.

Teaching a dog what to chow and what not to chew is crucial in order to leave with an obedient family member. If you leave it untreated, it may become a serious issue when your Frenchie becomes an adult. Therefore, one of the first training lessons, when you bring a puppy home, is to teach it a ‘bite inhibition’. So, what does it mean?

French bulldog biting can be prevented by performing ‘bite inhibition’ lessons. It includes teaching a dog to self-control when it starts to bite your hand or some other home item. If you’ve ever watched puppies play in the litter then you’ve probably noticed that biting is the part of their play. However, they also learn when it’s time to stop the game when another puppy starts to ‘cry’. If a puppy still continues being rough, the playmate will even be ready to walk away. It’s actually the signal that the limit has been crossed.

french bulldog biting

Therefore, the key to success is to teach your Frenchie when to stop. One of the ways is to make a high-pitched squeal next time your Frenchie bites you. Your sudden reaction will leave him curious and shocked so after several attempts, your dog will realize that such play hurts you.

The second step is to squeal and leave the room so your Frenchie can calm down a bit. In this way, you’ll not only train your pup not to bite, but will also discourage dominate behavior. Your pooch must learn that you’re his pack leader and that you’re the one who determines the way and time of play.

French bulldog biting- prevention

1- Aside from previously mentioned facts, you should teach your batpig what he’s allowed to bite. In an early age, it’s best to use French bulldog chew toys made of silicone and rubber. Usually, they feature pins that will provide a massage to your pet’s painful gums. Here you can check a great assortment of French bulldog toys that will occupy the dog’s attention and help in teaching him what to chew.

2- Another option represents using a bitter spray for toys that is safe for dogs. It can be especially handy if you need to leave your dog home alone and you want to protect specific home items from his chewing.

3- You can also wear gloves with a bad-tasting substance such as the previously mentioned bitter spray. It’s one of the ways to prevent the French bulldog biting.

4- Don’t encourage your pet to play with your feet because today he can play with your feet but tomorrow it could be your shoes.

When to become concerned about Frenchie’s biting?

Many dog owners don’t know that their pets can show destructive biting/ chewing when they feel anxious. Since French bulldogs are prone to separation anxiety,  you should gradually perform the lessons of leaving him home alone. The first step is teaching a dog to spend time playing with toys. The next step is to gradually increase the time spent alone until you realize he’s capable to stay a few hours playing and chilling.

Besides using chew toys, you can also buy interactive French bulldog toys that will not only occupy your dog’s attention but also improve his intelligence.




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