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Top 7 French Bulldog Chew Toys

french bulldog chew toys

We all agree that bringing a puppy home is one of the most thrilling moments in everyone’s life. However, it brings a sort of responsibility and knowledge about how to help a dog to go through the process of growing. Since every puppy needs to go through a teething phase that can be very painful and annoying, you need to help your pooch to get through that stage as easily as possible. That’s why I want to represent you with the best French bulldog chew toys. They will ease the pain in a dog’s gums, help with the teeth growing process, and improve a dog’s intelligence.

french bulldog chew toys

When does your dog need French bulldog chew toys?

  • Teeth growing

French bulldog toys can serve several purposes. The first one is to help puppies to ease itchiness and help molars growing. Irritated, red, itchy, painful, and swollen gums are only some of the symptoms that your puppy is going through this process.

  • Tartar and Plaque

For dogs who don’t get thrilled with tooth brushing, using chew toys can help a lot in dealing with calculus. Tartar and plaque don’t only ruin the health of a dog’s teeth, but they also lead to paradentosis. By using different French bulldog chew toys, your pet will remove a yellow tone from his teeth and stay prevented from these issues.

Many studies confirm that dogs who play with toys will be at a lower risk of suffering from separation anxiety. It’s because toys occupy their attention and keep them distracted from the owner’s absence. Besides using different French bulldog chew toys, you can also introduce your dog to interactive toys that will teach a dog to work for his food. In that way, your pet will stay entertained for hours.

  • Toys improve intelligence

By using different interactive toys, you’ll improve your dog’s intelligence. They represent a sort of puzzle that will intrigue a dog to discover how to get the reward. Interactive toys include adding snacks, so the dog becomes attracted by the smell.

What are the best French bulldog chew toys?

French Bulldog Dumbbell Chew Toy

Made of solid and durable rubber, this French bulldog toy will handle even the strongest bites. The hidden ‘pockets’ serve to put treats that will your dog as a reward for playing. The silicone pins provide a massage to a dog’s gums, and the channels serve as a toothbrush.

french bulldog chew toys

Interactive Chewing Treat Toy

Similar to the previous one, this is one of the best French bulldog chew toys to use as a reward. Since it’s made of elastic rubber, your pooch will get the pain release effect in itchy gums. Besides, you can also put dry kibble in the middle when you want to occupy your Frenchie’s attention.

french bulldog chew toys

Tug Of War Chew Toy For French Bulldogs

If you want to provide your pet with indoor training, then you gotta check this Frenchie toy. It features a vacuum bottom with an attached rope and ball. The toy can be used on a smooth surface such as glass or ceramic tiles. As your dog starts to chew the ball, he’ll become intrigued by why he can’t separate it from the rope. The ball features the embossed structure, so it will provide a pleasant massage to a dog’s gums.

french bulldog chew toys

French Bulldog Interactive Feeder Toy.

For those days when your dog feels anxious, you can allow him to play with this interactive feeding toy. You can add peanut butter inside and your Frenchie will stay entertained for hours. As your dog squeezes it, the tasty reward will go out, so he will become even more curious to discover how it works.

french bulldog chew toys

Tooth cleaning chew toy

This is one of the best selling French bulldog chew toys. It features a durable rope, solid rubber, and dozens of channels that serve to remove calculus from the teeth. Therefore, your pet gonna love playing with it. Besides, you can also use it when you want to play fetch in the yard.

french bulldog chew toys

French Bulldog Beeping Chew Toy

Made of elastic and non-toxic TPR material, this dog chew toy will release the beeping sound when your pet chews it. The unique shape and design are perfect for puppies who desperately deal with molar growth. It is available in 2 sizes, and the pins are solid yet comfortable enough not to hurt a dog’s gums. The toy is also suitable for playing fetch when your frog dog needs to release the pent-up energy.

french bulldog chew toys

Frenchie Toothbrush Chew Toy

This toy represents one of the best solutions for pets who don’t like teeth brushing. Since dog toothpaste often tastes awful, it would be great to find a tricky solution for keeping your dog’s teeth healthy.

You should attach the toy on a glossy surface, add the peanut butter or toothpaste in the middle, and let the magic begin. You can choose whether you want to reward your pet or to clean his teeth by adding one of these products. The toy is made of silicone rubber that is very pleasant for teeth and it features dozens of pins that will massage a dog’s irritated jaw.

french bulldog chew toys