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French Bulldog Houses That Will Make You Smile

Is there a better feeling than knowing that you have your own favorite sofa for chilling and having a rest? Well, we bet you wouldn’t change that feeling for anything in the world. For a dog, it’s extremely important to have his own place for resting too. That’s why we want to introduce you to French bulldog houses that will make you smile! We are sure your Frenchie will adore them!

Discover the best selling French bulldog houses!

We guess you might find yourself in doubt which dog house to choose for your lovely gremlin. Dog houses are available in vast designs, colors, and materials, and depending on your Frenchie’s weight and height, you should choose the appropriate size as well.

Why does your Frenchie need a dog house?

  • Dog houses present an inevitable part in dog ownership. They present the place where your pooch should feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. When you start to train your Frenchie, one of the most important lessons is to teach him to spend time alone in his own space. That’s how you will prevent him from making accidents and chew on home items.
  • Another important fact is that French bulldog houses promote your dog’s health! They serve to protect your dog’s painful joints in case he suffers from arthritis.
  • Living with a dog means that you will find his hair everywhere especially on your furniture. Therefore, buying a dog bed present a great solution for keeping your living place clean! In that way your dog will also not collect dirt and germs from the floor and transfer it to the rest of the furniture.

Frenchie World® House & Bed 2 in 1

Is there anything cuter than seeing a Frenchie sleeping in this extra soft dog house? The great thing is that you can easily transform it into a regular dog bed by ripping the zipper. The house is available in 2 colors, 3 sizes, and will definitely provide your furry friend with a cozy and comfortable feeling. The soft filling is suitable for pain releasing in joints and comfy support to your Frenchie’s entire body.

Dog houses present a great tool for teaching a dog to spend time alone in his safe area while you’re out. In that way, your pooch will become less likely to develop separation anxiety. It is a condition when a dog goes through stress when the owner leaves the house.


french bulldog houses

Frenchie World® Lion House

Please, try not to disturb a lion while sleeping! This marvelous and funny Dog House will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face. It goes with a comfy pillow that can be removed outside the house. This type of French bulldog house is great for keeping a pup warm in cold months. It can also serve as a crate, so your Frenchie will definitely be thrilled by having his own special place for chilling.


Frenchie House Shark (Washable)

This self-warming bed is perfect for any time of the year.  It is soft, fluffy, and inviting with a micro-suede exterior and warm plush sleeping space. Your Frenchie will definitely enjoy both to play and have a rest inside the house! Removable and washable bed cushion mat, can be easily assembled or disassembled for machine wash or travel. Now you can be sure your French bulldog house will always stay free of his hair, dirt, and environmental allergens.

Pineapple Dog House

The incredibly soft on touch Pineapple Dog House is made of cotton and sponge mix. Interior cushion may be removed for spot cleaning or separate use. According to hundreds of customers’ opinions, Frenchies like to attack and play with this pineapple dog house. Depending on your dog’s size, you can choose between 2 sizes. It will be definitely amusing to watch the pineapple shake as your little guy/girl adjusts his/her sleeping position.

White Frenchie tent (with Cushion )

This adorable and bohemian-looking French bulldog tent is definitely one of the best sleeping spaces you can provide your batpig with. It comes with a large cushion so you can use it separately as well. It presents a good fit for all seasons. Since it’s made in white color, you can be sure it is perfectly suitable for summer months in case you want to install it in your yard. Imagine you spend a sunny day in your yard with your Frenchie chilling inside his tent. We are sure he will get thrilled!

Frenchie World® Soft Sleeping Bed

Check out the cutest Minnie Mouse sleeping inside this warm and cozy Frenchie house! It’s specially made for Frenchie princesses that enjoy sleeping all day long! The bed features a removable fiber-filled cushion is safe to machine wash and dry. The filled cushion is also reversible, with one side printed with a pattern of Minnie Mouse’s classic polka dot pattern. The bottom of the bed is made with tough waterproof oxford and non-slip material that will prevent any accidental messes from reaching your floor.

french bulldog houses

Frenchie World® Teddy Bed

The following French bulldog house comes in 3 colors (blue, pink, and brown). It’s made of soft fabric and filled with foam for providing support to a dog’s joints. However, another great thing is that it’s machine washable and comes with plush bone and pillow.