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October 7, 2021

French Bulldog Bad Breath- Reasons and Treatment!

french bulldog bad breath

Have you noticed that your French bulldog has bad breath? Unfortunately, it’s a very common occurrence in this breed. Otherwise called Halitosis, it can be caused by different underlying issues. Since your French bulldog bad breath is just an introduction to oral problems that can affect the quality of your pet’s life, early treatment is over-needed.

french bulldog bad breath

What are the main causes of a French bulldog bad breath?

Periodontal disease is the most common cause of oral problems in your furry friend. It arises from plaque and tartar build-up. When the plaque becomes mineralized, the calculus starts to build up and causes gingivitis. Gingivitis is a gum inflammation and it can quickly progress into periodontitis.

French bulldog bad breath is caused by:

  • Tartar (calculus)
  • Bacteria collected in a dog’s mouth
  • Food decomposing in periodontal pockets
  • Death of tissue caused by severe conditions
  • Bleeding of the gums

french bulldog bad breath

Why does my French bulldog’s breath smell like fish?

In case your French bulldog’s bad breath smells like fish, it can be caused by an ulcer in his mouth, tooth infection, or something smelly he’s just eaten. A dog’s smelly breath can affect your dog’s quality of life and will certainly set the boundaries in showing mutual affection.

Tooth Root Abscess in French bulldogs

If your dog’s tooth has an abscess, the smell coming from his mouth can be really bad. Even though in most cases the dog will show swelling in his cheeks, the animal dentist can perform a sedated oral examination to reveal the abscessed tooth. If the root has rotted, then the dentist will remove the tooth or start with the healing procedure if it’s possible.

Oral infection in French bulldogs

Oral infections usually occur when a dog chews sharp items such as bones and small branches. When the mucosa or gums in a dog’s mouth is injured, the small wounds can easily become inflamed and grow into an infection.

Ulcerations in French bulldog’s mouth

Ulcerations can occur when a dog licks harmful chemicals such as bleach, road salt, laundry detergent, and other chemical substances. Ulcers are also very painful, so pooches who develop them will start to drink water in large amounts to relieve the pain. In case you notice that your furry friend behaves strangely, then we suggest you check his mouth and visit your vet.

Periodontitis in French bulldogs

As we already mentioned, periodontitis is the main cause of a French bulldog bad breath. When the plaque starts to turn into tartar, a dog develops gingivitis and later periodontitis. That’s why oral hygiene should take one of the most important places in your dog’s life.

How to prevent a French bulldog from bad breath?

Regular tooth brushing

Bad breath and dental problems can be successfully prevented by paying attention to a dog’s oral hygiene. Just like humans, dogs should get daily tooth brushing. In case it seems impossible to you, then you can perform it at least once a week, and combine it with other methods in the meanwhile.

Dog dental solution and apple cider vinegar

For example, you can reward your pet with dental treats and add a dog-safe dental solution to your French bulldog’s bowl. Adding two spoons of apple cider vinegar to a dog’s water bowl will also be helpful since this magical ingredient provides an anti-bacterial effect.

Using chew toys for Frenchies

Other steps in keeping your French bulldog’s teeth healthy include allowing your dog to play with rubber toys. French bulldog chew toys usually contain soft pins that work like a toothbrush and massage the gums. The following toy is made of elastic and durable rubber and it features bulges in different shapes that can remove food leftovers from a dog’s teeth. It also releases a squeaky sound and it’s available in two sizes.

french bulldog bad breath

Another toy that will provide your pet with mental stimulation and will help in keeping his teeth clean is the following Tooth cleaning chew toy. It features channels with pins, so every time the dog chews it, his teeth will go deep into the toy and get a thorough cleaning. The ropes on both ends are also very durable and will be suitable for playing a ‘tug of war’ game.

In case your Frenchie is not a fan of toothbrushing routine, then this French bulldog toy will become one of your favorite picks. You can add a dog-approved toothpaste inside the channel of this toy, and as your dog chews it, his teeth will go deep into the pins and become cleaned.

How is halitosis in French bulldogs treated?

Bad breath or halitosis includes determining the cause. The teeth should be thoroughly cleaned and polished under general anesthesia. Of course, the dentist can perform this if he determined there aren’t rotten teeth in a dog’s mouth. The cleaning includes removing tartar and plaque and an X-ray examination to check all the dog’s teeth. If some teeth developed periodontitis, the dentist will have to extract them.