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How To Clean Your French Bulldog’s Eyes?

Merle French Bulldog puppy sitting against vibrant blue background

If you’ve noticed that your French bulldog’s eyes have dark stains under lower lids, then it’s the ultimate time to clean French bulldog’s eyes. So-called tear stains, this ugly-looking occurrence is more visible on pooches with cream and white coats. Most dog owners don’t realize that their pets also need regular eye cleaning. Dogs produce tears that contain iron, salt, and magnesium. When these three ingredients oxidize, they appear to be reddish or brown.

french bulldog's eyes

Are tear stains on my French bulldog an alarming condition?

In most cases, tear stains on a French bulldog’s eyes are not dangerous. They represent a cosmetic condition that can be solved by regular cleaning. However, if your dog suffers from allergies, then he can produce more tears than usual. This often ends up in developing dark stains under the dog’s eyes.

French bulldog’s eyes are prone to produce more tears. It occurs due to their flat muzzles and eyes that sit further forward in the skull. This means tear ducts may be affected, leading to stains or infections of your pup’s eye! There are a variety of reasons why excessive tear stains can develop in dogs, and it’s important to rule out anything physical before making any assumptions. For example: if your Frenchie shows signs such as eye irritation or discomfort, then I would recommend contacting their vet immediately!

french bulldog's eyes

Why do my French bulldog’s eyes have red stains?

Dogs are known to have porphyrin in their saliva, urine, and tears. This organic compound causes stains on contact with light-colored fur that ranges from browning to red or pink hues depending on what area of the body it comes into contact with! If you notice your dog chewing its paws often then these areas may also be stained over time as well.

How to clean French bulldog’s eyes?

The rule of thumb is to clean your French bulldog’s eyes with gauze pads and water once a week to remove the collected dirt in the corner of your dog’s eyes. On the other hand, to treat tear stains on your dog, it would be best to use a dog-approver tear stain remover.

The Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover is a powerful, but a gentle anti-inflammatory product that can be used to treat and prevent bacterial infections in your dog’s eyes. It also effectively removes tear stains by regular usage. Wipe the area around your eyes with cotton swabs or sterile gauze pads to avoid direct contact. If your Frenchie produces tears more than usual, use a wet wipe 2-3 times per week and clean water for daily care if it’s more than minor tear stains that need attention; otherwise just twice weekly is enough until they clear up on their own.

Tips to prevent tear stains on your French bulldog’s eyes

Besides regular eye cleaning, there are a few tips that can help your furry friend’s eyes stay clean and gorgeous.

  • Do not use stainless steel French bulldog bowls. If you want to reduce the chance of your little pup developing any skin or eye issues, avoid feeding and watering him/her from stainless steel bowls. Also, make sure they’re always clean by washing them regularly with soapy hot water. A much better solution represents ceramic and plastic dog food bowls.
  • Did you know that Chamomile tea can prevent your dog’s eyes from infection? You can prepare chamomile tea and then soak the sterile gauze pad in it and gently wipe your dog’s eyes daily.
  • Sodium Chloride 0.90% is another product that can be used in maintaining your French bulldog’s eyes healthy. Apply the sodium chloride to sterile gauze and gently cross around his/her eyes.

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