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Why Do French Bulldogs Get Tear Stains?

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Most dog owners would agree that tear stains are one of the ugliest conditions to see on their pets. Sometimes, no matter how hard are you trying to your dog look nourished and healthy, those ugly spots under your dog’s eyes will ruin the impression. Why do French bulldogs get tear stains are one of the questions I often hear from my clients. That’s why I’m going to provide you with tips on how to get rid of those stains forever.

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Why do French bulldogs get tear stains?

Tear stains appear not only in Frenchies but also in many other breeds. They are indicated by many things and require treatment. We can describe them as dark brown or reddish marks beneath your Frenchie’s eyes. Sometimes, they can be followed by a discharge that is usually not a good sign.

When we talk about the task ‘Why do French bulldogs get tear stains’, here are the reasons for their occurrence:

1- French bulldog yeast infection

2- Porphyrin-the pigment found in dog tears

3- Conjunctivitis

4- Glaucoma

5- Eye bacterial infection

6-Environmental allergy

7- Teething phase

8- Epiphora -excessive tear production

Tear stains are less visible in dogs with dark colors of fur. That’s why there is a wrong opinion that only dogs with a light color of fur can suffer from this condition.

Revealing the triggers of tear stains in French bulldogs

As I previously mentioned, yeast infection is one of the triggers for developing tear stains in Frenchies. Yeast is a resident of everyone’s body, however, when the immunity is ruined, it can overgrow. The dog’s immune system often gets affected by an allergy. Therefore, discovering the type of allergy in a Frenchie is essential when approaching the problem.

Another trigger for tear stains occurrence is porphyrin. It is a substance when a body breaks down red blood cells. And, since Frenchies have protruding and big eyes, they are on a higher tendency to produce more tears.

Just like we can notice in human babies, the teething period is one of the most painful and irritative conditions in every mammal. While babies get runny noses, Frenchies get runny eyes.

Other triggers that may affect your Frenchie’s tear marks are underlying bacterial infections such as conjunctivitis. This is also a very unpleasant condition that may progress into a severe one if you don’t treat it.

How to deal with tear stain on French bulldogs?

After we’ve revealed the topic ‘Why do French bulldogs get tear stains’, here we come to the most important part. To be honest, tear stains can be very persistent. However, you should not give up and let your dog carry those ugly marks beneath his lovely eyes.

Besides you should gently perform the cleaning around the dog’s eyes with cotton balls soaked in water, you should also use a professional product. The following Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover is rich in German medicinal herbs. They leave a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

After you clean the place around your dog’s eyes with mild water and cotton balls, you should wipe the spots with a cotton ball soaked in a solution. Perform the cleaning every 2nd or 3rd day for the next 4 weeks. When your Frenchie finally gets rid of the tear stains, you can continue to use the product once a week.