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11 Adorable Hoodies For French Bulldogs

hoodies for french bulldogs

We bet there is no dog who can look equally fabulous as a Frenchie dressed in the latest fashion dog clothes. Their distinctive appearances help them stay out of the crowd. And…since wearing clothes presents an essential requirement for these pooches, we’ve selected 11 adorable hoodies for French bulldogs. Buying clothes for Frenchies is not only the subject of being fashionable. Wearing clothes should present an essential requirement in the life of this breed because of their tendency to hypothermia.

Where to buy the best hoodies for French bulldogs?

Since Frenchies are notorious for their unique body postures, you should take into account the size and cut when buying clothes. French bulldogs have short bodies, round bellies, and thick necks. Therefore, these features might sound like an issue when picking hoodies for French bulldogs and other clothes.

Spring is slowly approaching. And, for your little gremlin, it means spending more time outside. However, it’s also the season when dog owners should pay attention to their Frenchies’ tendency to hypothermia.

It’s true that the spring season brings so many sunny and warm days, but on the other hand, it also brings rainy and windy weather that can affect your dog’s health. Therefore, we recommend you check our list of the cutest hoodies for Frenchies in 2020.

Frenchie World® Basic Dog Hoodie

Basic Frenchie hoodies are something that dog owners most like to have in their dogs’ wardrobes. They are easy to match and are made of a mix of polyester and cotton. The following Frenchie hoodie is elastic and is machine washable on 30 C.

Your pooch can wear it during spring and fall when you want to provide him with an extra layer. It will also help you to keep his fur clean of dirt and dust when going for a walk.

French Bulldog Rabbit Hoodie

When choosing French bulldog clothing, it’s essential to know how to choose the size that will fit your little gremlin. Their short bodies often lead buyers to pick wrong-sized clothes. Long-sleeves or small cuts in the belly area are the most common issues that Frenchie owners face. Frenchie World online store is specialized for this breed and sells clothes and other care products that fit this breed. Therefore, buying from this store will keep you away from choosing the irregular cut.

Another adorable Frenchie hoodie that we decided to put on our list is this Rabbit dog hoodie. It’s thin and lightweight, and suitable when going outside on breeze days.

hoodies for french bulldogs

Frenchie World® Camouflage Hoodie

Show the bad*ss side of your Frenchie every time you go for a stroll. By wearing this sporty hoodie, your pooch will look like a real four-legged soldier. It is also available in an adorable girly pattern. The camouflage pattern can also be easily matched with your outfit, so we are sure that you two will make everyone to turn their heads when having a stroll.

hoodies for french bulldogs

Striped Hooded Dog Shirt by Frenchie World

To make your pooch spotted wherever you appear, we recommend you have a look at the following striped Frenchie hoodie. It comes in red and yellow colors, and the buttons on the belly are put for easier dressing. The inner part is padded with the mix of polyester and cotton, while the outer part is 100% cotton.

hoodies for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Back Pocket Sweatshirt

Inspired by the World-famous human clothing brand, this hoodie for a Frenchie is perfect when going outside in cozy spring and autumn weather. The sporty hoodie can be worn on any occasion, and your pup will enjoy wearing it because it’s made of 100% cotton.

hoodies for french bulldogs

Sporty NYC Dog Hoodie

Hoodies for French bulldogs don’t present only an ultimate solution for keeping the pup warm. They can also save your dog’s skin from collecting environmental allergens such as pollen, dirt, and dust.
Since some Frenchies have a tendency to suffer from allergies during the spring, it would be helpful to wear clothes. This Sporty NYC Frenchie hoodie comes in five colors. It is enough thick to keep a dog warm on those windy days.

hoodies for french bulldogs

Distressed Slick Dog Hoodie

Distressed Slick Dog Hoodie is available in 2 colors and is made of organic cotton that won’t strain your dog’s belly and neck. The sporty emblem is put to bring a sporty appearance, while the hood can be worn to protect the dog’s ears from the wind.

frenchie hoodie

Ultra-Soft French Bulldog Hoodie

Add an extra pair of ears on your little batpig and keep him warm this spring season! This ultra-soft dog hoodie comes in three colors and its fabric is soft as silk. The high cut is put to prevent the dog from messes when going to potty, while the hood is adjustable.

STARS Hooded Sweatshirt

Another great pick of hoodies for French bulldogs that your dog gotta have in his closet is this lightweight hoodie. You can choose between black and white colors and wash it in a machine. It is great to wear on those breezy spring days when you want your pet to look fabulous.

hoodies for french bulldogs

Leopard Swagger Dog Hoodie

Show the wild side of your Frenchie every time you take a stroll through the neighborhood. This Leopard Swagger dog hoodie can be worn both on special occasions and daily walks. It comes in two cute patterns and the fleece is perfect when spending time in cold spring and autumn days. Fleece will also help your pup to keep his body temperature in normal ranges, while its softness will make him comfy.

hoodies for french bulldogs

I Love My Mom Dog Hoodie

Every Frenchie mom would be thrilled to see her dog wearing this ‘I love my mom’ hoodie! Show everyone that you are the proud owner of that little batpig that has stolen your heart. This Frenchie hoodie comes in four colors, and is made of organic 100 % cotton.