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What Is The Best French Bulldog Ear Cleaner?

french bulldog ear cleaner

When it comes to choosing cosmetics for your Frenchie, you might feel worried about making the right choice. Since many French bulldog owners would like to know what is the best French Bulldog Ear Cleaner, I decided to reveal this topic. We all know that Frenchies have wide-opened, erected ears, so they are more susceptible to collecting dirt and different allergens.

Since allergens and Frenchies don’t go hand in hand, we should be aware of their tendency to develop allergic reactions, especially during the blooming seasons.

french bulldog ear cleaner

French bulldog ear cleaning- why is it important?

First of all, we need to note that the French bulldog’s ears require daily attention. It means that you need to check them for dust, dirt, and plant pieces stuck in the ear canal every time you get back from the stroll. You can clean the ears of your little gremlin by using a cotton swab for cleaning the outer part of the ear.

However, only the French bulldog ear cleaner can thoroughly clean the ear canal and protect against bacterial infection. You can choose between solutions and ear powders, and both of them will do a great job for those popping ears.

Even though the cleaning process of your dog’s ears should look like an easy task, it doesn’t always seem like that. Just like most dogs, Frenchies also feel afraid of ear cleaning. That’s why it’s important to start teaching your dog to this routine from an early age.

You can perform a thorough cleaning of your Frenchie’s ears once a week. All you need to perform a successful cleaning are cotton swabs or gauze, ear solution, and a clean towel. Since this routine can get messy, we recommend you choose your bathroom or some other suitable space in your house.

I don’t recommend using homemade ear cleaning solutions because they are not sterile, and can contain harmful and irritating ingredients for your pet. Even though Hydrogen peroxide 3% is safe to use on human ears, it shouldn’t be used on dogs because it ruins the skin cells.

What is the best French Bulldog Ear Cleaner?

A quality French bulldog ear cleaner should be made of carefully selected ingredients that won’t irritate the ears. The following Ear Cleaning Powder by Frenchie World eliminates odors, prevents infections, and relieves itchiness. It also prevents otitis, deafness, allergic reactions, and removes excess ear hair.

It’s easy to use and comes in a practical package of 50 ml. You just need to pour a little bit of powder into your dog’s ear canal and smear it with a sterile cotton swab.

frech bulldog ear cleaner


How to know if my Frenchie got an ear infection?

Ear infections are one of the most painful and annoying conditions in dogs. You’ll notice if your dog developed an infection if he constantly scratches the ears, has a smelly and yellowish discharge, and seems unable to settle down. Besides, a dog can show redness, swelling of the ear, and shake head.

It requires immediate treatment with medicated ear cleansers and antibiotic drops. Most infections can be solved in 1 or 2 weeks from the moment the treatment begins. To have a successful therapy, it is important to follow your veterinarian’s instructions closely.

The ear infections in Frenchies can be prevented by using the previously mentioned French bulldog ear cleaner and regularly checking for the stuck elements. However, sometimes, the root of the problem should be explored more deeply. French bulldogs can often develop an ear allergy by eating an inappropriate diet. Therefore, talk to your vet and try to find the trigger of your dog’s ear problem. Dogs who eat food rich in by-products, artificial flavors, and colors will be on a higher tendency to suffer from allergies.