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Are French Bulldogs Inside Or Outside Dogs?

are french bulldogs inside or outside dogs

It’s an undeniable fact that French bulldogs are unique in so many ways! They are affectionate, lovable, easy-going and possess the most-unique appearances. In case you want to own a Frenchie puppy, you might have a lot of questions to ask a vet or a breeder. And…one of the questions could be ‘Are French bulldogs inside or outside dogs?’.

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Are French bulldogs inside or outside dogs?- Revealed

If we would ask people if all dogs are capable of living outside, most answers would be -YES. However, the truth is quite different. If we have a look at the history of French bulldogs, we can notice that most of them lived outside. Since French bulldogs have changed their appearances over time, we guess that these pooches breathed easier because they had longer muzzles. This was one of the reasons why they’ve been capable to sustain weather changes.

Today’s French bulldogs have longer soft palates and shorted muzzles that affect the normal airflow and regulating their body temperature. Other factors include their short coat and short legs. Since they are so ‘close to the ground’ while walking, they pick up the coldness or hotness from the ground.

Therefore, the answer is simple. French bulldogs can’t live outside because it can turn out to be fatal for them. Frenchies do love spending time rolling in the snow and jumping, but spending more than 30 min outside in freezy weather can lead them to hypothermia.

Hypothermia mostly affects smaller dog breeds and it includes symptoms such as trembling, shaking, lethargy, slow breathing, and leg lift when walking in the snow.

On the other hand, keeping a Frenchie outside in warm weather can be safe but only under certain conditions. It means that you need to provide your pet with plenty of water, to include fresh veggies and fruits, and to use summer cooling items to keep your pooch away from heatstroke.

How to keep a French bulldog safe in cold weather?

One of the first essential present providing a dog with a warm crate/ bed where he can chill and sleep.  It should be made of a pleasant and warm material if you live in an extremely cold climate. The following French bulldog cuddler bed is an example of how should a warm dog bed look.

are french bulldogs inside or outside dogs

Wearing dog protecting clothes is ‘a must’

Wearing clothes is another important thing to mention. During the night, you can dress your pet in comfy French bulldog onesies, while going outside requires wearing winter jumpsuits. Overall dog jumpsuits are great to keep all your dog’s body part warm and safe. A jumpsuit will keep his coat dry even if your pup likes to roll in the grass. The following French bulldog winter jumpsuit is perfect when you want to walk your dog outside in cold weather.

are french bulldogs inside or outside dogs


How can we forget about protecting the dog’s paws? French bulldog paws are very sensitive and can easily become dry and cracked. The road salt in winter is extremely harmful to a dog’s paw pads and can cause burns, wounds, and blisters. We don’t even need to mention the possibility that a dog will lick his paws and become poisoned.

Therefore, a good pair of waterproof dog boots are over needed. The following ones come in so many great colors and will keep your four-legged friend’s paws dry.

If you are still asking yourself ‘are French bulldogs inside or outside dogs’, here is one more tip to keep in mind. Frenchies can’t spend a lot of time outside in winter. Keep the walks short and take your batpig outside only to go to the toilet. We also advise you to escape going outside in freezing weather conditions when the temperature is below 0°C. In such situations, you can use potty pads and put them on a quiet spot in the house. You should not change the place of potty pads, because a dog should memorize only one spot in the house where he’s allowed to poop.

How to keep a French bulldog safe in hot weather?

You can hear many divided opinions about the topic ‘Are French bulldogs inside or outside dogs’. While most Frenchie owners are self-confident that these frog dogs can sleep outdoor during the summer, we advise you to think twice before you decide to do that. French bulldogs are indoor pets that are not used to live in outside conditions.

Living in a hot climate can also present an issue for your little gremlin. This breed should not go outside during the hottest part of the day and should wear cooling clothes. Cooling clothes prevents your pet from overheating and it should be dressed wet.  The following Summer cooling vest is made of lightweight and heat-resistant fabric. It quickly decreases a dog’s temperatures and to get the best effect, you can leave it wet in a fridge for a few minutes. The vest is available in 2 colors and can be washed in cold water with detergent.

Choosing a cooling dog bed or mat for your French bulldog is the next step to keep your pup safe. You can place it in a cold place in your house where your pooch will stay away from direct sunlight. This Cartoon French bulldog Cooling mat is filled with a cooling gel and it’s easy to clean.

are french bulldogs inside or outside dogs

Don’t forget on your dog’s hydrating demands

Your French bulldog’s hydrating demands should be put in the first place when going for a stroll in hot weather. The following Stainless Steel French bulldog water bottle will keep the water cool and fresh for several hours.

are frenchies inside or outside pooches

The last, but also an essential product for your little gremlin is the Summer cooling scarf. You should soak it in cold water, twist it dry and apply on your Frenchie’s neck. The dog’s neck is actually the main refreshing spot on their bodies where cold bandages should be applied. The scarf is available in 4 colors and it has an adjustable strip to regulate the size.

Wrapping up

We hope that we’ve helped you to relieve the topic ‘ are French bulldogs inside or outside dogs’.  Therefore, if you want to own this dog, our advice is to carefully consider all the facts before you make a decision. Every Frenchie needs to have a warm and cozy home full of love and care. In the end, you are going to get a new family member and not just a pet.