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Albino French Bulldogs: What Do You Need To Know About These Rare Dogs?

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French bulldogs come in a wide variety of colors. Besides standard coat colors that are accepted by the AKC, rare French bulldog colors take the spotlight when it comes to popularity in the marketplace. Albino French bulldogs are one of the rarest pooches that are often mixed with white ones. In case you want to become the owner of an Albino Frenchie, then this is what you need to know.

What are Albino French bulldogs?

Although they might look similar to white French bulldogs, albinism is actually the absence of color. This condition can occur in both humans and animals and it’s very, very rare. People often think that albinism is a hereditary condition, however, it’s not. Albino French bulldogs are produced spontaneously and accidentally. Dogs can be albino just like humans even if they didn’t have albino relatives in their family.

Albinism in Frenchies is a genetic mutation when there is a lack of pigmentation and melanin in the skin, eyes, and coat. To get an albino Frenchie, both parents should be carriers of the ‘albino’ gene. Even though both parents are blue, black, or pied, they can still be carriers of this rare gene. It is a matter of time before this gene will be expressed.

How to recognize an Albino Frenchie?

Albino Frenchie is difficult to identify just by observing the dog’s features. It’s very rare to find a completely albino dog. In most cases, we can identify partially albino dogs who will still keep traces of different coloration on different parts of the body. Such a condition is called leucism.

Leucism is one of the conditions that is often mistaken for albinism. Unlike dogs with albinism, dogs with leucism will have dark-colored eyes. These are the signs of albinism to spot in a dog:

  • Pink or light blue eyes

Albino French bulldogs can have red, pink, or extremely light blue eyes. Their eyes are also sensitive to strong light and sun. Some pooches can even have bad vision.

  • Pink skin

Dogs with albinism will have pink that can develop blisters and burns when exposed to the sun. Therefore, owners or Albino French bulldogs should always dress them in protective clothing and use sunscreen with high UVA and UVB factors. Noses of these Frenchies can easily become crusty and dry, so applying nose balms will be highly important.


Possible health problems in Albino French bulldogs?

Unfortunately, these pooches will be prone to many health issues due to their sensitive skin. Besides, you’ll need to keep an eye on their skin, their eyes can be smaller in size, and deformed, and some dogs will not be able to see well.

The presence of melanin in the eyes allows dogs to filter and process light. Direct sunlight creates pain in the eye in an albino dog, which is why he’s forced to squint frequently. These conditions are untreatable, and the dog can even be blind from birth.

Due to many health problems, these dogs will live less than standard color Frenchies. Their everyday lives will be quite different from other dogs because they wouldn’t be able to spend plenty of time outside. Their skin is too sensitive so their owners should always think about how to protect them.

Cases of limited coloration in non-albino dogs exist in two hair samples. They are known in the breed and cynology standards as merle and piebald. Piebald French bulldogs usually have white coats with big black spots, while merle Frenchies have black patches of a coat with black skin.

Genes responsible for the coat color, and health of eyes and ears are not closely connected, so Albino French bulldogs don’t necessarily have to be blind or deaf. However, a rare genetic combination such as double merle carries certain health risks. Therefore, if you’re planning to buy or you own an Albino Frenchie, then you have to be prepared to invest in your pet’s special care.

What products to use on Albino French bulldogs?

Since they have extremely sensitive skin, our advice is to use a grooming glove instead of a brush. A grooming glove with silicone bristles will gently remove the dead hair, while brushes with needless can be quite rough for their skin.

Silicone Frenchie brush glove

Looking for an easy way to keep your pup looking their best? This dog grooming glove is just the thing! The soft silicone pins are gentle on sensitive skin, and help you reach all those hard-to-get-at spots. Plus, it’s easy to clean – just toss it in the washing machine when you’re done. Your furry friend will love the pleasant massage effect, and you’ll love the dander-free, shiny coat that results!

Using nose balms is ‘a must’. Since their pink noses can easily become crusty and get burns and blisters when exposed to the sunlight, you have to daily apply French Bulldog Nose Moisturizer. Looking for a way to keep your Frenchie’s nose and paws healthy and hydrated? Look no further than our organic nose balm! It’s made with all-natural ingredients to soothe your dog’s delicate skin, and it can also be used to treat tear stains. Plus, it’s completely harmless – just massage the balm into your Frenchie’s pads twice a week for optimum protection.

Another must-have product for Albino French bulldogs is Frenchie World Eye Tear Stain Remover. Since they have light fur, stain remover will successfully prevent and clean the area under the Frenchie’s eyes.

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