December 17, 2022
frenchie harnesses

The Ultimate Guide To Frenchie Harnesses

If you’ve just brought your little gremlin home, then you’re probably thinking about what items to buy for your pet. Frenchie harnesses are one of the most important items since they serve as training tools and teach your dog obedience. This guide will help you find the right French bulldog harness according to your pet’s age and needs. What type of harness is best for […]
June 2, 2020
frenchie harnesses

The 7 Best Frenchie Harnesses To Prevent Pulling Behavior

Because of their unique body shapes, thick necks, and wide belly circumferences, choosing the right Frenchie harnesses might sound challenging. Since using French bulldog collars is not recommended to use on untrained puppies, we’ve decided to introduce you to the best harnesses for a French bulldog body type. They’re becoming more and more popular thanks to adorable patterns and benefits they provide. Why to choose […]