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Why Do French Bulldogs Roll In The Grass?

french bulldog french bulldog roll in grass

Do your French bulldogs roll in the grass? In case you’re wondering why your dog loves to do that, the answer is actually hidden in his genes. The scent of grass has a special meaning for your pooch. It provides him with information about other animals in his vicinity and also serves as a place for marking territory. Read on and find out fun facts about this common behavior.

Why does your French bulldogs roll in the grass? (And love it!)

Did you know that your Frenchie’s sense of smell can be as much as 60 times more potent than a human’s? Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that your pooch can smell someone or something that is far from his sight. Dogs consider grass for their own perfume shop. That’s how they pick up the smells of plants, other animals, and critters from nature. However, this could be quite undesirable behavior for French bulldogs who suffer from seasonal allergies. The pollen, dust, and dirt from the grass can cause severe itchiness and allergic reactions, so you’d better be careful when taking your Frenchie outdoors.

These are the main reasons why French bulldogs roll in the grass:

  • Behavior inherited from wolves

Since we all know that wolves are distant cousins of today’s dogs, rolling in the grass shouldn’t surprise us at all. When a wolf wants to memorize a new odor or scent of an animal, it first sniffs it and then rolls in the grass so he can keep it on his coat. That’s how it becomes aware of the potential prey or danger from its vicinity.

  • Getting rid of bad smells

Remember that what smells wonderful for you doesn’t smell wonderful for your Frenchie. Using fragranced shampoos, dog perfumes, and other cosmetics on your pet can irritate his sense of smell. Therefore, he will try to get rid of it by rolling in the grass. The precious stinky odor of mud, dirt, other dogs’ urine and plants is something that your pooch will love the most.

  • Unpleasant itchiness

A dog who deals with skin itchiness will try to release that feeling by enjoying the cooling effect the wet grass and other plants provide. Itchy skin in French bulldogs can be indicated by many factors such as fleas, ticks, and skin allergies.

  • Obsessive behavior

Some Frenchies are simply obsessed with natural odors. However, such behavior also means that you’ll need to spend some time cleaning your dog’s fur every time you get back from a stroll. To prevent your pet from this occurrence, we recommend you start with training lessons and use toys to distract his attention.

  • Be careful about dangers found in the grass

Although this behavior might seem harmless for your pet, you should actually be very careful about dangers found in nature. Grass can often be treated with fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that are poisonous for dogs and can cause severe allergic reactions. Besides, grass can contain viruses, bacteria, and insects that can transmit different diseases.

How To stop your French Bulldog from rolling in the grass?

To prevent your dog from this habit, we advise you to perform positive reinforcement training. When your pooch starts to roll, you should redirect his attention by using toys and treats. Use command words such as ’Stop’ and ’Don’t’ and rewards your Frenchie as soon as he stops rolling. In case your batpig doesn’t show any improvement, then you should start searching for a help of a professional trainer that will provide you with the best steps.