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What Is A Good Name For A French Bulldog?

good name for a french bulldog

Choosing the name for your French bulldog says a lot about your taste and personality. That’s why you might find yourself in a dilemma which one to choose for your little gremlin. In case you brought your cute Frenchie puppy home, it’s the time to choose a good name that will become its life-mark. What is a good name for a French bulldog might be one of the most commonly asked questions, so that’s why we made a list that will provide you with some good ideas.

good name for a french bulldog

How to name a French bulldog?

Here are some tips that can be useful when trying to find a name for a French bulldog.

  • The first rule to keep in mind is not to choose a name that sounds like a ‘command’ in your language. It’s because your pooch can easily become confused if doesn’t hear the word well. Why make your French bulldog’s training difficult when it can go smoothly and without issues?
  • Another thing to consider is that it’s easier both for you and your Frenchie to choose a short name. Long names can be difficult for your pooch and a hassle for the owner.
  • Choosing a name for a French bulldog that ends with a vowel is also advisable because you can change the tone when you call for your dog. For example, if you call your dog Taco, you can change the tone when your batpig’s doing something unallowed. It’s easier to get the Frenchie’s attention by choosing a short name with a vowel at the end.
  • If you have multiple pets in the house, you should never give them similar names. In that way, your pet will not know who are you calling (ex. Scott and Spot)
  • Perform a nickname test to see how your French bulldog reacts to its name.
  • Do not try to change your dog’s name if he already learned to respond to it. As the ultimate solution, you can choose the name that sounds similar to the previous one.
  • Consider your dog’s behavior and temperament when you are choosing the name for a Frenchie. In other words, you can’t choose a basic, traditional, and strictly-sounding name if your pooch possesses a playful and vivacious temperament. Choose a modern and short name that goes with its appearance.

good name for a french bulldog

What is a good name for a French bulldog? Top 50 male names


1- Toby

2- Theo

3- Greco

4- Tito

5- Rex

6- Rio

7- Ray

8- Mike

9- Charlie

10- Blue

11- Billy

12- Brownie

13- Bruno

14- Chico

15- Darby

16- Dodo

17- Eddie

18- Fido

19- Gizmo

20- Henry

21- Vince

22- Zane

23- Ziggy

24- Woody

25- Yogi

26- Zane

27- Yoshi

28- Milo

29- Marco

30- Tesla

31- Toto


33- Sarge

34- Porche

35- Puma

36- Rambo

37- Diego

38- Rocco

39- Peper

40- Paco

41- Ozzy

42- Oreo


44- Nacho

45- Murphy

46- Moose

47- Mickey

48- Mojo


50- Luke

good name for a french bulldog

What is a good name for a French bulldog? Top 50 female names


1- Lucy

2- Daisy

3- Emma

4- Coco

5- Penny

6- Molly

7- Stella

8- Millie

9- Fiona

10- Layla

11- Lady

12- Lola

13- Maya

14- Kona

15- Nova

16- Athena

17- Nika

18- Mia

19- Rea

20- Thea

21- Ivy

22- Baby

23- Koda

24- Macy

25- Minnie

26- Trixie


28- Pepita

29- Pepa

30- Kiana

31- Lara

32- Lora

33- Koa

34- Bowie

35- Colby

36- Zelda

37- Kaya

38- Lilo

39- Clio

40- Freya

41- Ruby

42- Dakota

43- Kiki

44- Pixie

45- Zoe

46- Sunny

47- Lexie

48- Macy


50- Gigi

good name for a french bulldog

Wrapping up

Whatever the name you choose for your little gremlin, my advice is to compare it with some frequent words in your language. For example, French bulldog male names such as Kit and Ray can easily become confused with commands ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’. So far, names such as Bella and Max took the first positions on lists of dog names. The New York Times Magazine has also noticed that many dog owners consider giving their grandparents’ names to their dogs. Since we all consider our dogs for family members, this fact is not surprising at all. The only thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a name for a French bulldog is to find the one that you’ll like it. You surely want to have a warm and pleasant feeling every time you pronounce your dog’s name.