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What Are The Most Popular French Bulldog Mixes?

french bulldog mixes

What are the cutest French bulldog mixes?

Although Frenchies are widely famous for their uniqueness, there are even cuter French bulldog mixes that simply catch everyone’s eye. In order to prevent the French bulldog breed from developing different health issues, many dog breeders decided to cross Frenchies with other small dog breeds. Since flat faces in Frenchies often cause certain issues with breathing, a better option is to cross them with dogs that have longer muzzles and are less prone to allergies.

It’s recommended to mate a Frenchie with a similar toy or terrier breed because of the size. Other characteristics of a certain dog breed are also important to observe. For example, so-called hybrid dog breeds are made to clean up some specific dog breeds from potential genetic issues. Since French bulldogs have a tendency to allergies and different hip issues, it’s good to choose a dog without these tendencies.  If you were wondering what the most popular French bulldog mixes are, the following list will definitely thrill you.

french bulldog mixes

 French bulldog + Miniature Poodle

This is probably one of the cutes French bulldog mixes you’d ever see. Have you ever seen a Frenchie with a fuzzy coat? Well, if you have, then it probably was a hybrid dog called Froogle. The result of a breeder who crosses these 2 dogs is a friendly and fuzzy dog with minimal shedding issues. The good news is that Froodle’s having a longer muzzle which implies owning a dog without breathing issues.

french bulldog mixes

French bulldog + Boston Terrier

Although they look pretty similar at first sight, these two dog breeds have one main distinction. Boston terrier has longer legs and a more elegant-looking body. So, the Frenchton will certainly be a great mix of an intelligent, playful, and friendly dog.

French bulldog + Beagle

Otherwise called Frengle, this hybrid dog presents a perfect fit for persons who like to own active and high-energy dogs. Unlike purebred Frenchies, Frengles are high-energy dogs that never sleep. Therefore, it’s recommended to provide them with at least 45 min of training every day.  Besides this fact, Beagles have longer muzzles that result in getting a dog free of breathing issues.

french bulldog mixes

French bulldog + Pug

People often mix Pugs with French bulldogs, mostly because of their similar appearances. However, Pugs have flopped ears and always black masks on their heads. So, the breeder who crosses a Pug with a Frenchie may expect to get a dog with a black mask around muzzle and eyes, round head, and bat-shaped ears.

French bulldog + Chihuahua

The French Bullhuahua is probably the craziest and cutest dog you’ll ever see. The Mexican national symbol, Chihuahua, is a tiny and playful dog whose roots go back to pre-Columbian times. When we talk about the size of Bullhuahua, this hybrid dog is smaller in size than a regular Frenchie. Unlike French bulldogs, Chihuahuas are alert dogs that are prone to show some aggressiveness in certain situations. On the other hand, both the French bulldog and Chihuahua are dogs of huge personalities that like to be cuddled a lot. Thanks to Bullhuahuas’ longer tails, this crossbreed will probably not suffer from any spinal disorders.



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