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Tips to keep your French Bulldogs teeth healthy

Tips to keep your French Bulldogs teeth healthy

Good news is- dogs are less prone to cavities and teeth problems than humans, but they still need some dental care and hygiene, if you want to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This is very important, because plaque and tartar build up during longer period of time causes not only bad breath, loss of teeth and painful gum problems, but can also spread and eventually cause serious hart, liver and kidney problems. According to statistics more than 85 percent of four year old dogs develop some kind of periodontal problems and you certainly don’t want that for your beloved Frenchie.

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Here are some tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy:

Pay attention to your dog’s breath. Every dog owner knows that dog’s mouth can’t exactly smell like mint and roses, but if he has musky like smell coming from his mouth, you should definitely not ignore it! It is most likely a warning sign of some oral disease and if it is not treated properly and in time, it will cause pain and can spread from gums and mouth to other tissues. More obvious signs of dental problems are, like in humans- bleeding gums, brown, yellow, loose or missing teeth and pawing of the area.

Train your dog to get used to teeth brushing. Since it is not something that comes natural, it takes training and adjustment period. At first, your dog may protest a bit, but after a few weeks and with enough patience and rewarding treats, he will eventually accept the toot brush. You can introduce him to tooth paste by letting him smell it and then you can start brushing. You should brush your dog’s teeth at least every other day and human tooth paste is not safe for dogs, so ask around or consult your vet about which pet tooth paste is the best for your dog. Make sure to brush all sides and the whole process should take no more than 30 seconds. If you French Bulldog continues to refuse the tooth brush and he even wants to bite you, ask your vet about other methods of keeping the dogs mouth as clean as possible.

Consider the alternatives such as dental toys, treats and certain types of food. It can never be as efficient as brushing your dog’s teeth, but you can do your research to learn about what type of food is good for your dog’s dental health, what kind of chew toys are good for gums and removing tartar and plaque. Always make sure that the products you buy for your dog meet proper standards and are approved by veterinarian associations.

Take your dog to a dental exam. You should take your dog to a veterinarian from time to time to check his general health, including his teeth and gums. This is especially good idea if your dog is older and already had some dental issues in the past. The vet will ask you about your dog’s health history and check the condition of his gums, teeth and mouth tissue, look for signs of bleeding and inflammation. He will probably also examine his head and neck and make sure there are no lumps or any abnormalities. You want your pet to be happy and healthy, so you can never be too careful. In most cases, regular examination can be done without sedation, unless the dog gets too nervous and aggressive or is already in great pain.

Just like you (probably) visit your dentist to remove tartar and plaque from time to time, you should do the same for your Frenchie. That procedure requires that the dog his anesthetized, but don’t worry, although it is a bit weird to see him all dizzy and sleepy, it is very safe and comfortable. If your dog is old or has certain conditions, you should do some tests before getting him under anesthesia, to make sure his body is strong enough for that. After all, benefits of dental cleansing are far bigger than a small discomfort of going through the procedure and by keeping your French Bulldogs teeth and gums healthy, you prevent serious conditions that eventually develop from dental disease.

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