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Teaching your puppies right from the start

Teaching your puppies right from the start

When it comes to young Frenchies, teaching them proper behavior from the start it just as important as choosing healthy food for their daily menu or providing them enough exercise. A puppy is just like a child when it is born- it has no personality yet and it is up to you to train him and teach him obedience and desirable behavior. It is also important to start with that as soon as possible. There is no time to waste and if you fail to train your dog while he is young, you will have quite some trouble to change bad behaving patterns he has developed.

Teaching your puppies right from the start 1

Many people make a big mistake spending too much time providing their puppies food, bed, toys and other stuff (which are also important), but they spend too little time playing with their dogs and teaching them proper behavior. I sincerely hope you won’t make that mistake and here are some tips that should be useful during the process:

1) You are the pack leader!
All puppies need a pack leader. It is simply in their genes and since there is no one else to play that part, you have to! Now, puppies are like kids- if you let them think they can manipulate you from the start, they will be doing it all the time. As a pack leader, you have to be strong, dominant, stable and consistent. You can’t afford to be weak, too emotional and indulgent to your dog, because he may perceive that as a weakness. Discipline is everything!

French bulldog puppies can sense your level of confidence and if they perceive you as weak, you can expect all kinds of unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, leash pulling, anxiety… That is why it is important that you maintain your pack leader attitude through the entire training process in order to have a well-behaved and balanced dog. All dogs need leadership and it is up to you to provide it to them. You must behave as an authority in all situations.

2) Visits to the veterinarian
One of the most important things in raising a healthy puppy is proper veterinarian care. You should take your puppy for regular vaccinations and examinations whenever necessary, but my advice to you is to get your dog acquainted with the vet on some more casual and painless occasion. It is important that the puppy’s first encounter with the vet is not traumatic, in order to avoid anxiety, aggression and other unwanted reactions every time he senses he is going to a vet. Always consult your vet if you suspect problems with worms, heart worms, fleas or some specific disease your dog’s breed might be prone to. It is needless to emphasize the importance of healthy nutrition and proper exercise in keeping your dog happy and healthy!

3) Housebreaking
It is best if you teach your puppy his potty training routine between the age of two and six months. First, you should restrict him to go potty in a small area in the apartment, bathroom or a laundry room, when he is in the house. The dogs sleeping space should be just big enough for the dog to comfortably stand, lie down and turn around, because most dogs will never potty in their sleeping space.

It is also important to teach him “go potty” command. When he is finished, praise him and reward him with a treat while he is still outside the house. You should always take your dog to the same spot, because the odors will remind him that it is the potty place.
Never punish your dog! Some indoor accidents during the potty training are impossible to avoid and it is up to you to maintain your dog’s eating, sleeping and drinking schedule in accordance to his potty routine and pay attention to the signs he needs to go outside.

4) Walking and exercise
All dogs need certain levels of activity according to their age an energy level. It is also your job as the pack leader to provide that. Now, even for the laziest, low energy dogs this means at least a daily walk! To demonstrate that you are the pack leader you should walk in front of your dog. If you already taught him sub-ordinance, he can walk beside you. If he is the one pulling you, that gives him the impression that he is in charge and you can’t let that happened. It is also important that you are the first one to step outside the door when going out and the first one to step inside when coming back to the house.
Different dog breeds have different long-term bone developing issues and exercise needs according to that, so do your research or consult your veterinarian before establishing your dog’s daily exercise routine.

Teaching your puppies right from the start 2

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