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Stop Sharing Bed With Your Frenchie: A Deadly Superbug May Kill 10 Million A Year

stop sharing bed with your frenchie

Many people let their dogs share beds with them. However, according to the latest research, it’s not such a good idea because of the so-called superbug that became untreatable with drugs. Dog owners are being urged by vets and scientists to stop sharing beds with their four-legged friends. The superbug that is a carrier of the MCR-1 gene, which was first identified in China in 2015, is resistant to life-saving drugs. According to the UN, over 700,000 people died of infections that were caused by the mcr-1 gene in 2020.

Why is a superbug so dangerous and why you shouldn’t share a bed with your dog?

Since this type of bug is the carrier of mcr-1 gene, dog owners shouldn’t share beds with their pets. Dogs harbor it in the gut before it’s transported via microscopic fecal particles. Unfortunately, humans can also pick up this bacteria which causes drug-resistant infections that kill approximately 700,000 people a year worldwide.

Boffins and the UN are warning that the number of victims could rise to 10million by 2050 unless a new drug is discovered.

Your dog’s bed can also represent a hotspot where this superbug may survive for some time. Therefore, you have to be very careful while cleaning your Frenchie’s toys, bed, and other stuff he uses daily. The dog’s paws can also carry this harmful bacteria, so we have to regularly clean them with a mild paw cleanser. Our suggestion is to check the following Portable Pet Paw Cleaner by Frenchie World. It features a magical mix of olive oil, coconut oil, peony extract, glycerin, licorice, and purslane extract. The brush is soft and thoroughly cleans the paw pads and leaves them moist and soothed.

The last straw of salvation…

The mcr-1 gene in this superbug is resistant to an antibiotic called colistin. It is used to kill bacterial infections that other drugs could not fight.

The University of Lisabon conducted the research where fecal samples were taken from 126 healthy people that were living with 102 cats and dogs in 80 households over a period of two years up to February 2020. It was found that eight of the dogs and four humans were hosting bacteria that were carriers of the mcr-1. Three of the dogs appeared to be healthy, the others having a tissue or urinary tract infections.

Due to this, experts recommend to agricultural regions to avoid overuse of the antibiotic colistin. If bacteria gain the mcr-1 gene and become resistant to most drugs, they would become untreatable even with this type of antibiotic, and it’s the worst-case scenario we must avoid. Boffins all over the world warn that overuse of colistin can lead to more mutant genes meaning the drug will be ineffective on humans.

Cons of Sleeping with a French bulldog

Even though sleeping with a dog makes us feel relaxed, there are some cons to consider before you decide to go for it. Besides newly discovered superbug that represents a potential threat to our health, sleeping with a dog can aggravate allergies or asthma in those susceptible to it. Your bedroom should remain the pet-free zone, especially because Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety. If you share a bed with your pet, there will be more dirt and bacteria. Your pooch runs through lots of things daily, and traces remain on his paws and belly. He can bring all those nasty things into your bed, along with bacteria-laden drool and even intestinal parasite eggs or external parasites like fleas and ticks that could be transmitted to you.