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My French Bulldog Won’t Eat. What To Do?

french bulldog won't eat

Most dog owners would agree that it can be very distressing when your French bulldog won’t eat. Since there are a variety of reasons for such a condition, it’s essential to determine the cause.

Deciding the treatment plan would be successful only if you know to judge your Frenchie’s appetite. Following the guideline state of the prescribed amount of food is only average, so there are many things to consider before you make a conclusion.

french bulldog wont eat

What affects your Frenchie’s appetite?

One of the most important things is to observe your dog’s energy level. During summer months, French bulldogs may show signs of lethargy and tiredness. They tend to search for cold and shady places to rest and should always have access to fresh and clean water. Therefore, during warm months, it’s totally normal for a dog to eat less.

In case your French bulldog refuses to eat in hot weather, I suggest you to try feeding him multiple times a day with small portions. Giving your batpig fruits such as fresh slices of apples will also improve his appetite. However, do not overdo with giving treats because fruits contain a high level of sugar. A few slices of apples every second or third day would be enough to refresh your batpig’s during the summer season.

It also should be noted that when someone says a dog won’t eat, it is referred to as anorexia. Unlike anorexia nervosa in people, anorexia in dogs is followed by a complete loss of appetite.

Therefore, it’s essential to respond promptly if you noticed your pooch who usually eats well started to refuse food.

french bulldog won't eat

The reasons why your French bulldog won’t eat

Dental disease

Check your dog’s jaw to see if there is a stuck bone of meat or food leftover between his teeth. A dog with some dental diseases will also drool and whine.

Recent Vaccination

Luckily, vaccinations help in preventing many serious diseases. However, as seen in humans, they can cause slightly raised body temperature. Temporary loss of appetite is, in this case, a normal occurrence. It’s the time when your Frenchie’s body redirects his energy to the production of antibodies as a response to the vaccine. There’s no need to load your little gremlin’s belly in the first few days after your pooch got a vaccine.


Appetite loss in French bulldogs is often followed by many other symptoms. Usually, it’s the loss of energy, vomiting, diarrhea, and dry and warm nose. If these signs started to become severe, I recommend you to do an overall health check. When your French bulldog won’t eat, in the worst-case scenarios, it may point out to cancer, liver issues, and kidney failure.

french bulldog wont eat

Environmental changes

Despite the fact that Frenchies easily adapt to any kind of environment, they can also react very emotional to location changes. It’s known as motion sickness and it will last until your dog gets used to a new environment. To make your Frenchie easier to adapt, I advise you to bring his favorite toys, sleeping mat, and blanket. In that way, the scents carried on his items will remind him of home.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs usually occurs when a dog hasn’t been taught to spend time alone. That’s why is extremely important to gradually teach a dog to this routine. This type of condition occurs due to the owner’s absence. At that time, a dog may go through a real life-struggle and start to panic. A Frenchie with separation anxiety may start to pant, howl, while, tremble, become nervous and lose appetite. Since these symptoms may grow into severe ones if not treated on time, I recommend you treat the SAD from the very beginning.

Picky eaters

It might sound silly, but there are Frenchies that are just picky eaters. The dog’s refusal to eat can be triggered by feeding him in uncomfortable situations. For example, the dog might eat from an inappropriate feeding bowl. When owning a Frenchie, it’s essential to pick an elevated feeding and drinking bowls.

Since these little gremlins have short necks, elevated bowls will prevent them from choking and pains. Another thing to consider when choosing a bowl is to search for an anti-choke feeding type. Those bowls usually contain rotating bones in the middle or are made in a zig-zag design. In that way, you’ll make the time for eating more interesting to your Frenchie.

What to do when your French bulldog won’t eat?

  • Do not feed your Frenchie with treats between meals. Treats can provide a dog with satiety so it won’t feel hungry in the time of eating.
  • Buy your Frenchie an interactive feeding toy. They can attract your little gremlin’s attention, so he’ll become interested to find out how the toy works. The following feeding egg can be filled with dry kibble food and will release food as your Frenchie rolls it. You can even use it when you want to leave your pooch home alone because it will keep him occupied for a long period of time.

French bulldog won't eat

  • Another great interactive feeding toy is perfect to use when you want to help your little gremlin to release the pent-up energy. Your Frenchie will not get only over needed training, but he’ll also have his meal. Food catapult is something that you definitely need to own as a dog owner.

French bulldog won't eat

  • Choose a safe place for eating

We all know that no one would like to be interrupted while eating. Therefore, your four-legged friend deserves to have a meal in a safe, silent and comfy place in the house where no one will interrupt him.

  • Change your dog’s diet

Sometimes, your dog can get tired of eating the same food. Therefore, I suggest you switch to a BARF diet for French bulldogs or to try canned food.

  • Regular strolls

Always make sure that you take your French bulldog for a walk before a meal. In that way, he’ll burn the calories and will get enough hungry for having a meal.