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Tips To Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy And Fit

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In addition to live with a furry companion that will stay your loyal friend for many years, we need to perform healthy life habits. Since every dog owner wants to keep his French bulldog healthy and fit, I decided to provide you with essential tips that will keep your dog in good condition. Responsible owners take care of a dog’s nutrition, training, and health. However, there are a few more things that you should keep into account from the moment when you’ve made a decision to own a dog.

How To Keep Your French Bulldog Healthy And Fit?

Is your Frenchie overweight?

We all know that Frenchies belong to greedy eaters. On the other hand, they’re also known as low-energy dogs that enjoy lying in their owner’s lap. Therefore, you need to be on alert to keep your dog’s kilos in normal ranges. The recommended weight for male French bulldogs is 9-13 kg, while for females that scale ranges between 8-12 kg.

Take your French bulldog to regular strolls

Regardless of the fact that Frenchies don’t do well in too hot or too hot weather, you should provide your pet with regular activity. Try to take him out at least twice a day if there are weather conditions that don’t suit the French bulldog breed. Of course, don’t forget to dress him in a warm Frenchie jacket to prevent him from hypothermia during the wintertime.

When we talk about going outside in the summer, I suggest you to perform it early in the morning and late in the evening. It’s essential to escape the hottest part of the day because French bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls and can get heatstroke if they’re not ensured with cooling equipment. Some of the cooling accessories for the French bulldog are Summer-cooling vest, and cooling bandana. They’ll become your dog’s greatest allies in dealing with hot weather.

french bulldog healthy and fit

Improve your dog’s intelligence

Luckily, French bulldogs belong to smart dog breeds. However, they just need good motivational tools otherwise, they may show stubbornness. As one of the best tools for improving and encouraging your dog’s intelligence, I suggest you using French bulldog toys. Frenchie World store offers you a great assortment of brain teaser games for Frenchies.

french bulldog healthy and fit

Feed a French bulldog with a well-balanced nutrition

As an owner of this breed, you need to know that these dogs may have allergic reactions when eating food rich in artificial ingredients, grain, and by-products. If your French bulldog suffers from allergies, my advice is to tray with a raw food diet. It includes feeding a dog with raw meat, and other fresh fruits and veggies. Another option represents homemade meals that include semi-cooked veggies and raw meat.

If you’ve noticed itchy behavior, redness on the skin, watery eyes, bumps, and blisters, my advice is to immediately consult your vet. After performing the elimination diet, you’ll be on a half to discover the allergy trigger in your dog.

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Regular vaccination is ‘a must’

By performing regular vaccination, you’ll extend your dog’s life. Thanks to those marvelous shots, your Frenchie will be prevented from many dangerous diseases. Distemper, Panleukopenia, Parvo, and Rabies are only some of the essential dog vaccines.