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Introducing A Frenchie To A New Pet – How To Do It?

introducing a frenchie to a new pet

Introducing a Frenchie to a new pet might sound challenging because every dog gets afraid of falling into oblivion. His life would never look the same because from now on, he’ll need to share the love with the intruder. To make a healthy relationship between your two pets from the start, it’s essential to know hot properly introduce them.

introducing a frenchie to a new pet

Introducing a Frenchie to a new pet- Relieving

Regardless of whether you are bringing a cat or a second dog to a family, it’s definitely a big joy for all of you. However, for your first pet, in this case- your Frenchie, it can be a devastating moment. For him, it’s the time when he will start to lose your attention and love. Bringing a new family member presents interrupting his territory. And to be honest, there is a place for only one king in the kingdom.

Therefore, the following tips should help you in introducing a Frenchie to a new pet.

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Tips for introducing a Frenchie to a new pet

  • Choose a neutral territory

When you’re first time introducing a Frenchie to a new pet, my advice is to choose a neutral territory. A public park or your neighborhood can be the place for the new meeting. In that way, you’ll prevent your Frenchie from feeling endangered. It will be just another ‘ordinary’ day when you take him for a walk.

  • keep both dogs on the leash

It’s important to keep both dogs on the leash and to gradually approach them. You should also observe their behavior. The puppy will probably feel curious and faster approach in order to meet the ‘senior’ of the family. Carefully monitor your dog’s behavior and stay alert if you see that your ‘adult’ dog starts to feel nervous.

  • moving to the house

Before you finally decide to bring a new puppy to the house, my advice is to repeat the previous two steps a few days in a row. As you notice that their relationship started to progress, the next step is introducing a Frenchie to a new pet.

When we talk about choosing the time for a meeting, it’s best to perform it after both dogs had meals. It should also be noted that introductions should not be done in the evening.

Right before you decide to enter the door with a new dog, I recommend you to remove all the items that he may feel protective of. That includes your Frenchie’s toys, food bowls, and even your Frenchie’s clothes.

Keep both dogs on the leash and let them sniff each other. After you noticed that both of them started to interact, you can release a newly brought dog. If your adult French bulldog doesn’t show any signs of aggression, you can release both dogs for a few minutes.

A new pet should also be allowed to sniff the environment. After he/she discovered the scents of his/her new home, you should praise both dogs with snacks and tell them praise words.

introducing a frenchie to a new pet

  • what else to consider?

Choosing the right French bulldog puppy is also important. The puppy you want to bring home needed to go through basic socialization in the kennel. In includes that the puppy has been used to interact with other puppies from the litter and that became familiar with how the outside world works.

You should also keep in mind that once both dogs have shown a friendly attitude, you can’t leave them to play without supervision. Monitoring the dogs’ behavior should be continued for approximately two weeks.

I also need to mention that French bulldogs have a tendency to suffer from anxiety. In other words, anxiety in French bulldogs can occur if you ignore his feelings.  These little gremlins belong to companion dogs which include constant interacting and playing. Therefore, to prevent your little gremlin from this issue, my advice is to involve him in your new dog’s playing and training. Rewarding is also a good idea as well as showing affection.

Although the process of introducing your Frenchie to a new dog sounds difficult, it’s actually the stage when you’ll shape your dog’s personality for life. Allowing a dog to have a canine companion is something irreplaceable. Therefore, you gotta be ready for a lot of patience and persistence.