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June 18, 2019
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How To Stop A French Bulldog From Chewing Your Stuff?

Are you pissed off finding your home items destroyed every time you get back from work? You were probably thinking that your pooch has already learned to pleasantly spend time alone and that you’ll find everything at one piece. However, in the case when you own a French bulldog, you need to keep in mind that these wonderful pooches tend to suffer from separation anxiety which makes them prone to show destructive behavior.

Why are French bulldogs prone to suffer from separation anxiety?

If we take a look at the origins of this dog breed, we will realize that they always served as loyal companions to their owners. Frenchies learned to work alongside their families and to follow them wherever they go. That’s why they are also called velcro dogs.

When your puppy first time realized that he stayed home alone, he might start chewing on your stuff because they contain your scent. Every puppy will feel safer by keeping his owner’s item beside them because in that way a puppy will become more comfortable to spend time alone.

The reasons for your Frenchie’s chewing

  • As we previously mentioned, dog separation anxiety can present one of the potential reasons.
  • Another reason can be found in a dog’s boredom. No matter if you own a puppy or an adult French bulldog, a dog may become feeling bored from different reasons. One of the reasons can be a lack of exercise. That’s why I recommend you to take your Frenchie for a walk before you’ve planned to leave the house. In that way, you’ll make your furry friend pleasantly tired, so he’ll be less prone to make home accidents.
  • Going through a terrible teething phase can also present a chewing trigger. French bulldog puppy will always tend to search for items that will help him/her to release painful and swollen gums.
  • As your French bulldog age, he can start losing the quality of his sense of vision and hear. Therefore, he may become fearful and insecure to spend time alone so the chewing on your items is the expected outcome.

How to stop a French bulldog from destroying your stuff?

  • Buying French bulldog chewing toys can really help a lot. However, teaching a dog to chew only them and not other home items should be performed gradually. In case you own a Frenchie puppy, I advise you to provide your pooch with a safe place in the house where he/she will learn to spend time alone. This type of training is called ‘crate training’ and it doesn’t mean that you need to confine your pup in a cage or some other closed space. The crate can present your dog’s bed, a ‘special corner’ in your room, or an X-pen. By giving your dog treats and playing with him in his ‘very own space’, he needs to learn to spend time alone. I recommend you to check on the following dog chewing toy that will occupy your dog’s attention. It also makes a squeaky every time your pooch chews on it, so he’ll definitely become curious to find out what’s inside of it.

  • Plush toys can also provide your Frenchie with a comfortable feeling. Since he can carry it around, it’s very likely that he will make an unbreakable bond with his new friend. this piggy plush toy is the perfect partner for killing boredom.

  • In case your pup goes through a teething phase then you should consider buying him chewing toys that will release the scratching pain in your dog’s gums. I suggest you check on the following French bulldog beeping chew toy that has dozens of silicone tips to help with growing teeth.

  • Interactive dog toys can present a solution both for training and for teaching a dog to work for his food. Interactive feeding toys are great for keeping a Frenchie entertained while he’ll be able to get a tasty treat at the same time. As the Frenchie World IQ treat ball moves, your batpig will be rewarded.

Wrapping up

Dog owners usually think it’s enough to buy their dogs toys to play with. However, the key is in the appropriate teaching. Every dog posses a natural instinct for chewing that has to become directed to certain objects. That’s why I recommend you to stay patient in teaching your Frenchie what to chew. Using treats and telling praise words are always helpful, as well as