If you catch your dog eliminating in the house, stop him immediately by making a startling noise, but don’t scare him. Take him outside to his bathroom spot and reward him with a treat if he finishes there.


Never punish your French Bulldog physically! Also, do not yell at him or rub his nose in poop if he had an indoors accident. It will only discourage potty training process and make him afraid of you or eliminating in your presence.




Don’t teach your dog to eliminate on old newspapers in the house, it will only slow down the training process.


Instead of always rewarding him with a treat, reward him with toys, petting and praise, so he doesn’t get disappointed if treat is not available.


Note the times he usually eliminates, so you can predict his natural schedule.


Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia, because they may remind your Frenchie of urine and signal him to potty right there.