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Are French Bulldogs Good With Babies?

french bulldogs and babies

If you still have a dilemma in choosing the best dog breed for your family, these facts will help you decide whether a Frenchie will be a good fit. Future parents might feel concerned about their adult dog’s feelings, so they often want to find the best way to build a healthy relationship between their dog and a baby. Fortunately, French bulldogs and babies can become the dream team if you patiently work on building their mutual trust.

french bulldogs and babies

Do French bulldogs get along well with babies and kids?

As we all know, French bulldogs belong to companion dog breeds. It means that they’re taught to work alongside their owners. They are very dependable, lively, and love to be surrounded by people. Due to these reasons, French bulldogs and babies or kids would be the perfect match.

If you can choose, the best time to buy a Frenchie will be when you find out that you’re expecting a baby. Dogs that grow up together with children are likely to build a healthy and confident relationship. Besides, kids who live with dogs will be less prone to allergies, will have better immunity, and will earlier build responsibility.

Therefore, growing up with a dog will bring many benefits both to your dog’s and your children’s life. They will never feel bored, and will always search for some new adventures that will wake up their imagination and intelligence.

French bulldogs and babies- How to prepare an adult dog for arrival?

Frenchies can be very in tune with us and can sense that something new is going on with their humans. That’s why it’s important to prepare your pet on time and fix unwanted habits. Strengthening the relationship is also important as well as keeping the emotions and your energy calm.

french bulldogs and babies

1- Gradually introduce a Frenchie to a baby

As we already mentioned, French bulldogs and babies can make a really good relationship. However, every dog will become confused by seeing his owner carrying a crying ‘creature’ for almost 24/7. Such scenes can really look like a betrayal in your dog’s eyes. Therefore, be careful about your Frenchie’s feelings. It’s very important not to reject the dog and continue to give him enough love and care. To avoid any unpleasant situations, it’s best to gradually teach your Frenchie to get used to a baby. He should definitely be allowed to sniff certain items in your baby’s room, however, there should also be an invisible barrier that your Frenchie won’t be allowed to cross without your permission.

2- Teach your Frenchie to get used to your baby’s scent

We all know that babies smell gentle, clean, and wonderful. However, for your dog, such a smell can represent something unknown in his environment. To teach your dog to get used to a new scent, you should first allow him to sniff your baby’s from a distance. Don’t forget to communicate with your Frenchie by approaching the item closer to his muzzle. At the end of the session, it’s important to reward the dog with treats and praise words.

french bulldogs and babies

3- Teach your baby or child to respect your Frenchie

Just like your dog needs to respect your child, so need you to teach your child to respect your dog. Dogs don’t like to feel bothered and tortured. We could see a thousand times kids pulling the dog’s ears and tail. Besides, our youngest family members are total masters in devising crazy games that could hurt the dog. Although you should never leave your dog with your child alone, it’s equally important to teach your child certain boundaries. Note that rough games can anger your Frenchie, so he’ll be forced to defend himself.

4- Your baby’s safety comes first

Even if you have total trust in your Frenchie, you should never leave him alone with your baby or child without supervision. Be honest with yourself and think about the leadership in your house. Are you the pack leader and does your Frenchie listen to your commands? Note that dogs are social animals who can become jealous if feel rejected and forgotten. Therefore, make sure you make a good balance, and think about your Frenchie’s feelings too. If your pet can’t get used to the new situation even after your desperate efforts, then you should start thinking about searching for a help of a professional.