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French Bulldog Teething and Nipping: The Ultimate Guide

french bulldog teething

Bringing a Frenchie puppy home will bring you love and affection. These furry gremlins are famous for their lively and cheerful personalities that no one leaves indifferent. Aside from moments of joy and happiness, you’ll also face some challenges and French bulldog teething and nipping is one of them.

Your French bulldog’s mouth is filled with 28 sharp teeth that will cause him to experience pains in the gums. They will look red, swollen, and painful in touch. Besides, the dog can start to refuse food, especially if you feed him with dry kibble.

To help your Frenchie easier deal with this ’never-ending issue’ I suggest you temporarily switch him to a mashed/ pureed food. Since your dog will have enormous pains in gums, pureed food will help him easier deal with this stage of life.

french bulldog teething

How to survive French Bulldog teething and nipping?

The job of every French bulldog owner is to help the dog feel a little more comfortable. Besides, you’ll need to teach a dog what to chew in order to save your home items from destroying. The best items to choose for French bulldog teething are the chew toys made of durable rubber. Chew toys for French bulldogs usually feature hundreds of pins that will gently massage the gums and ease the pains.

To distract your little gremlin from destructive chewing, you can use stuffed rubber toys that feature pockets for placing treats. Besides, a puppy with painful gums would like to chew something cold.  Therefore, you can even place a French bulldog toy made of silicone or rubber in the freezer before you give him to play with.

french bulldog teething

Whatever toys you choose for you Frenchie, our advice is to supervise chewing and playtime because no toy is completely safe for every dog. If you’ve noticed that some toys are falling apart, you should immediately replace them with new ones.

Weeks 2 to 4- French bulldog teething

This is the period when a puppy should still be with its mother. The gums will be visibly red and become prepared for a teething stage. The puppy’s eyes will become open, and it will still be nursing.

Weeks 5-6

The French bulldog’s teeth will become visible and the breeder will start weaning the puppies in the litter. The puppy should switch to wet food or homecooked meals.

Weeks 7-12

Your Frenchie might seem a bit clumsy during this period. He will also need a lot of supervision in order to escape chewing on home items. The puppy should also gradually learn to spend time in the crate. Crate training plays an important role in teaching a dog to become independent and get used to spending time home alone. Most pooches will sleep about 18-20 hours a day which is very important for their brain and bone development.

To keep their calcium level within normal limits, we suggest you including supplements that contain a mix of A, D3, and E vitamins. Besides, giving your dog calcium and phosphorus pills will improve your Frenchie’s bone and teeth development. These two minerals play a minor role in hormone transmission. French bulldog teething phase can be quite facilitated by the use of these supplements.

This period of your Frenchie’s life is also crucial for learning housebreaking rules. Potty training should start from the moment you bring your little gremlin home. In the beginning, your dog will urinate and defecate on the potty pads. Therefore, you should stick to a regular schedule and take your Frenchie outside after every meal, before and after the nap.

When do Frenchies get their permanent teeth?

This is how your French bulldog’s teeth grow over the months.

2-5 months: incisors

5-6 months: canine teeth

4-6 months: premolars

4-7 months: molars

When your French bulldog turns 8 months, he should have all of his permanent teeth- 42 in total. During the stage when the teeth start to fall out, you shouldn’t try to pull loose teeth out. By pulling the dog’s baby tooth, you can break a root and leave the part behind which can lead to an infection.

In cases of retained deciduous teeth, where a baby tooth stays in the place while the permanent tooth is coming, it can cause an occlusion problem or periodontal disease. Therefore, the best solution is to visit a vet who will remove the baby tooth successfully.

french bulldog teething

French bulldog teething- a few words about dental hygiene

Just like humans, dogs’ teeth require regular brushing too. Our suggestion is to use the following French bulldog toothbrush.

It is very practical to use and features soft rubber pins that gently clean the gums.

french bulldog teething