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French Bulldog Sweaters – Top 12 Picks in 2020

Allowing your Frenchie to wear clothes is not just a matter of fashion. This breed is notorious for the tendency to hypothermia and overheating, so that’s why wearing clothes presents an inevitable requirement. To make your dog warm and fashionable at the same time, we decided to make a list of the cutest French bulldog sweaters in 2020.

French bulldog sweaters- the best choosing tips

When choosing the appropriate clothes for French bulldogs, it’s essential to know how to take the right measures. Since these little batpigs have thick necks, it’s important to choose the Frenchie sweater that won’t strain his neck. Another thing to keep in mind is the Frenchie’s short body. They are small in size so that’s why it’s important to choose a wide but short cut of the clothes. Choosing a pleasant fabric is the next step you should take into account. Frenchies have sensitive skin and unpleasant fabrics can cause irritations and itchiness.

Beyond gorgeous-looking dogwear for Frenchies, you still have enough ‘real’ reasons why to add some cute pieces of clothes to your dog’s wardrobe. Most canines don’t really need extra clothing. However, Frenchies don’t belong to that category. Many dog owners aren’t actually aware of the fact that clothes can save their dogs from environmental allergens. Seasonal pollen is one of the biggest threats for these dogs because they have sensitive skin. Another fact about wearing clothes is that it can keep your dog’s fur clean for a longer period. Like any other dog, a French bulldog likes to roll in the grass and act like a real piglet. Therefore, wearing Frenchie sweaters and hoodies will save you from frequent cleaning your dog’s fur.

In case you’re enough of cleaning your furniture from the dog’s hair, then you should consider putting your Frenchie into comfy cotton pajamas or a sweater.

Top 12 French bulldog sweaters in 2020

Camo Winter Down Jacket

This French bulldog sweater comes in two camouflage designs that never goes out of fashion. It’s made of high-quality cotton and presents a fashionable piece of clothing for cozy days. It can be washed in a machine on 30 C and comes with a cute pocket imitation on the back.


Rainbow Knitted Jumper

Rainbow knitted jumper is one of the best selling French bulldog sweaters. It’s made of 100 % acryl and comes with a leash hole. Therefore, you can easily hook the leash and have a stroll with your Frenchie. The sweater is stretchable and machine washable. It has a high cut, so your Frenchie won’t have issues when going to the toilet. Overall, this piece of dogwear is great to wear on moderate temperatures.

french bulldog sweaters

Fleece Zip Sweater

Fleece fabric is one of the best thermal materials that helps in maintaining the optimal body temperature. The zipper is put to ease the dressing and the fabric is incredibly soft. Therefore, your pup won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. This sweater is perfect to be worn in breezy weather and it’s available in two colors.

frenchie sweaters

Frenchie World® Merino wool sweater

Made of the top quality Merino wool, this dog sweater won’t make your Frenchie overheated but will help in maintaining the optimal body temperature. Two buttons on the left side are put as a decoration, while the wide neck cut won’t provide your dog with an unpleasant feeling. There are also ornamental parts sewn on the dog’s elbows to resemble a human type of a sweater.

frenchie sweater

Heart Winter French Bulldog Sweater

Provide your little Frenchie with one of the cutest French bulldog sweaters you’ll ever see. The softness of the knitted cotton and the cute heart patch will make your four-legged friend the main star of the streets. The sweater comes from the USA and a small turtleneck perfectly fits short necks. The material is stretchable and perfect for making a pup warm.

french bulldog sweaters

Woolen sweater

Inspired by human fashion, this Woolen French bulldog sweater is made of 100% Merino wool. It comes with a fancy hood and has the buttons on the belly area to prevent stitching. Since it’s padded with felt and fleece, your Frenchie can wear it in cold weather.

Hearts Fleece French Bulldog Sweater

Turn your batpig into a cuddly Teddy Bear by wearing this Heart Fleece Sweater. The soft fleece is perfect to wear on those breezy and cozy spring and autumn days. The fuzzy sweater is easy to dress because of the elasticity, and it won’t strangle the dog’s neck. The cute heart design can be worn on any occasion and your pup will feel both warm and snuggled while wearing it.

french bulldog sweaters

Striped Dog Cardigan

If you want to provide your dog with a high-quality cardigan that you can match with your clothes, then this pick of French bulldog sweaters you might like. It comes in different colors and the decorative buttons give an elegant detail to your dog’s appearance. You can also match it with one of the French bulldog shirts when you want to turn your pet into a gentleman.

Treats & Chill Frenchie jumper

What is your French bulldog’s favorite life mantra? We are sure that it can be described in two words- Treats and Chill. Eating tons of treats and chilling in their owners’ laps are something that Frenchies most like to do. Therefore, you gotta dress your little gremlin in this adorable Frenchie sweater. It’s made of cotton blend and can be washed in a machine on 30 C.

West End French Bulldog Sweater

Inspired by the world-famous human fashion brand, this West End Frenchie sweater will keep your pet warm and safe while walking in cold weather. It’s made of acryl and has ribbed hem and neck. Your little Frenchie lady will look like a real lady when wearing this fashionable piece of clothing.

french bulldog sweaters

Quilted Cotton Turtleneck Top

Ideal when having a stroll in the spring and cozy summer evenings, this Quilted Cotton French bulldog sweater comes in many colors. The pleasant fabric and wide cut will make your pup comfortable to wear it. And, we all know how Frenchie can’t sustain wearing clothes made of fabrics that will make their skin itchy.

frenchie sweaters

French Bulldog Batpig Sweater

Make your dog spotted wherever he paws in by wearing this French bulldog Batpig Sweater. It’s made of organic wool that is known as one of the best fabrics for keeping the body temperature in optimal ranges. It is available in 5 sizes and can be worn separately or under the jacket in the extreme cold.