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French Bulldog Reverse Sneezing- Causes and Treatment!

french bulldog reverse sneezing

Being a witness of the French bulldog reverse sneezing is a scary experience for most dog owners. In those situations, most dog owners don’t know what to do and become afraid for the health of their dogs. We all know that sneezing is a normal reflex of releasing allergens or elements that interfere with our breathing. However, have you ever wondered why your dog is doing that? Read on and discover the main reasons for your French bulldog reverse sneezing and what to do in such situations.

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French bulldog reverse sneezing- Why does my dog do that?

Reverse sneezing is nothing uncommon for dogs, but it more often occurs in brachycephalic breeds. Many elements can trigger French bulldog reverse sneezing, but we can list several of them that represent the most common ones. We can describe this occurrence as forcefully sucking air in through the nose. It occurs when something irritates the Frenchie’s soft palate or throat, so the dog will try to free his airways by doing reverse sneezing.

This episode of sneezing belongs to a type of spasm and it’s followed by the following symptoms:

  • expanding chests, and forcefully breathing in
  • a Frenchie will extend his neck out
  • the reverse breathing pulls the trachea inwards and makes it narrower;
  • it’s louder than usual sneezing

What triggers French bulldog reverse sneezing?

We can write an endless list of the triggers the Frenchie’s reverse sneezing, but these are the most common ones:

Environmental allergens

If your French bulldog suffers from allergies and starts to sneeze when comes in contact with dust, pollen, and strong smells such as someone’s perfume or cigarettes, then it’s nothing unusual to see him sneezing. The good news is that reverse sneezing is not a life-threatening occurrence. Your dog can also have repeated episodes, and he will be totally fine after them.

If your Frenchie often deals with reverse sneezing, it’s important to discover the main allergy trigger. For example, it could be the smoke, a specific house-cleaning product, laundry detergent, laundry softener, or your perfume.

On the other hand, the season pollen and dust are also one of the potential culprits that should find a place on the list. Therefore, French bulldog reverse sneezing happens due to blocked airways that restrict breathing.

french bulldog reverse sneezing


We all know how much our Frenchies get happy when they see us at the door. They jump, bark, and lick our hands to show us how much they adore us. However, if you’ve noticed that your Frenchie sneezes reversely in such situations, then it’s high time to change your coming-home routine and start with training. Train your dog to behave calmly and avoid showing great emotions.

On the other hand, separation anxiety can also be one of the reasons for reverse sneezing. In that case, you should consult your vet to get the best advice. I suggest you teach the dog to spend time in crate training and playing with toys because that’s how you’ll distract him from your absence.

Pulling on the leash

Pulling on the leash can cause not only French bulldog reverse sneezing but also neck and spine injuries. That’s why I recommend using a quality French bulldog harness over a collar during puppyhood. Dogs who tend to pull on the leash should never be allowed to use a collar.

Eating and Drinking

French bulldog owners should pay special attention to their eating and drinking habits. Since Frenchies have flat muzzles, they are on a higher tendency to choke and perform reverse sneezing. One of the solutions that can help your pet with fast eating is to buy an Anti-Choke Feeding Bowl. It features a rotating bone in the middle that slows down the time of eating. Besides, that’s how you’ll prevent your dog from inhaling food and air.

french bulldog reverse sneezing


Nasal mites

Nasal mites in French bulldogs can affect their sinuses, and they can sometimes be found in mucus or around the nose. If you’ve determined that none of the previous things are the triggers, then I recommend you to visit your vet to check for nasal mites.

Sudden weather changing

Sudden change in body temperature can also be one of the causes of the French bulldog reverse sneezing. The brachycephalic skulls make these pooches susceptible to hypothermia and overheating, so that’s why it’s important to choose a specific part of the day to go for a stroll.

How to stop your French bulldog reverse sneezing?

Since this reflex is unavoidable, the only thing you can do is to calm your pet when it occurs. Reverse sneezing doesn’t require medication as long as it’s not frequent. Here are the steps to do when your dog starts reversely sneezing:

  • massage the dog’s throat to soothe the irritation and help him to breathe normally
  • briefly cover the nostrils to cause your dog to swallow (this will shorten the episode)
  • take a dog to a cool or warm place if your dog started to reversely sneeze due to a change of temperature
  • verbally relax your pooch and show him affection
  • gently move the dog’s head up and down to help him unblock the soft palate
  • press the dog’s tongue (as long as you won’t get bitten) to widen the airway


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