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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing French Bulldog Pajamas

french bulldog pajamas

Whether you want to keep your house clean of your dog’s hair, protect your furry friend from environmental allergens, or you want to make your pet stay warm at night, these picks of French bulldog pajamas will be of great help during cold days. Our ultimate guide is specially made to help you choose the right pajamas for every season.

Do French Bulldogs need pajamas?

Pajamas help your dog stay warm

If you live in a cold climate, your French bulldog definitely should wear pajamas. Pajamas will help your Frenchie keep his/her optimal body temperature during sleep. Since they are prone to hypothermia, putting a pleasant and warm layer over their bodies in low temperatures is very important.

I remember when my Frenchie started to tremble during sleep and I used to cover him with some blankets. Since evenings know to be very cold in my city, I have to keep my furry baby warm during sleep. Blankets might be a good option for dogs who sleep peacefully, however, not for my dog. That’s why I decided to try with French bulldog pajamas.

Pajamas give my Frenchie more space and comfort so he can move, roll, and do whatever he wants during the night. At the same time, unlike a blanket, they stay on his body throughout the night, so I don’t have to wake up and check whether he’s fine and safe.

French bulldog pajamas can serve as a protective layer

Another great thing about pajamas for Frenchies is that they can serve as a protective layer. If your dog is allergic to dust, pollen, mold, laundry detergent, or some other environmental allergen, then pajamas are the way to go!

Since pajamas cover a great part of your dog’s body, they’ll help your dog stay safe from seasonal pollen.

Pajamas for Frenchies will keep your house cleaner

Another great benefit of dressing your dog in pajamas is keeping the house clean. We all know how terrifying is to find the dog’s hair everywhere during the shedding season. So, in case your Frenchie sheds a lot during those periods, my advice is to try with pajamas.

They won’t make your dog uncomfy and will serve as a great option to keep the dead hair under the pajamas.

Should French Bulldogs wear clothes?

Yes, definitely! French bulldogs are not like other dogs. They have only one layer of coat and a brachycephalic skull, which means they can’t regulate their body temperature. Clothes will help French bulldogs stay warm and protected when they go outside in cold weather. Depending on the season,  you can choose fleece or cotton French bulldog pajamas to make your dog feel comfy.

Do French Bulldogs need a blanket at night?

A blanket will be of great help in keeping your furry friend warm at night. However, if your dog sleeps restlessly, and loves to change sleeping positions, then blankets won’t be a good option.

A blanket that carries your scent can help your pet feel safe and snug, especially if he suffers from separation anxiety. Studies have shown that dogs feel more relaxed when they’re close to items that smell like their owners.

What size clothes do Frenchies wear?

Since standard French bulldogs have round bellies, and stout and muscle-built bodies, they won’t fit the smaller size of clothes. You have to buy French bulldog clothing in specialized stores where the items are specially tailored to suit their unique body proportions.

Note that Frenchies have short legs, wide necks, and large abdominal girth, so you have to carefully measure their bodies before ordering clothes.

What are the best picks of French bulldog pajamas?

To help you easier choose clothes for your Frenchie, we selected the top 11 French bulldog pajamas that are specially made to suit these little gremlins. Have a look at our list and choose the one according to the season.

All-over printed Banana Dog Pajamas

Wholeheartedly devoted to your pup, these made dog pajamas will have your pooch prancing around in style. Made from a lightweight and breathable material, this all over printed banana dog shirt is the perfect weather-resistant piece. With a high-cut belly and legs that stay dry, this stylish design is perfect for any pup who wants to show off his fashion style!

french bulldog pajamas

“Come Together” Frogdog Pajamas

These are the sweetest, frogiest pajamas you’ll ever see! Our Frenchie World “Come Together” pajama includes a frog-covered top and bottom. Made from soft, warm thermal cotton spandex, they’re perfect for feeling cozy all night long. Whether you’re looking for a cute nightgown or just need some extra warmth in the dark winter, these are the best partner for ultimate coziness.

frenchie pajamas

Bunny French Bulldog Pajamas

Join the legions of canines who are now getting their beauty sleep, waking up, feeling rested, and looking adorable in our Bunny French Bulldog Pajamas. Our toasty warm, breathable fabrics will ensure your pooch stays cool and dry, never struggling with hairballs. Whether it’s an outdoor pup or an indoor baby (our pretzels bunny pajamas will keep both cuddly), we’ve got safety, comfort, and style in one!

french bulldog pajamas

Flower Tail French Bulldog Jumpsuit

Be smarter & happier with these 100% organic cotton pajamas for your dog. Thick, fluffy comfy enough to spend the night in with sensitive skin and prevents allergens from sneaking in. Throw on a French bulldog jacket in case you want to take your furry friend outside in harsh weather conditions. The perfect blend of usefulness and cuteness!

french bulldog pajamas

French Bulldog Bunny Jumpsuit Hoodie

This winter season, your dog can feel the ultimate warmth with the help of the following French bulldog pajamas. They are made from a cozy and thermal fleece and feature a hood with bunny ears for additional cuteness. As a cherry on top, there is also a bunny tail to turn your little gremlin into the fluffiest bunny in the neighborhood.

pajamas for frnechies

Quilted “Pineapple” French Bulldog Outfit

Frenchie World is providing your dog with the comfort they deserve in the winter with our lightweight and comfortable dog pajamas! They’re perfect for the colder months to ensure your beloved pup feels comfortable and safe from hypothermia. With a variety of colors and patterns, they won’t cost a fortune, making them totally irresistible!

pajamas for frenchies

Strawberry Cotton Dog Pajamas

Low-down and laid back, your dog will be out of their minds with these dreamy Strawberry Cotton Dog Pajamas. You know your pup’s sleeping needs are different from yours, but you still want him to be comfortable, warm, and happy in those hard-to-fit doggy hours. These pajamas are exquisitely crafted to the perfect fit for your warm and fuzzy best friend (with a little extra stretch) so that he can roll around with ease. Enjoy snuggling with your pup in these delightful and durable PJs.

french bulldog pajamas

Ultra Soft “Bandito” Dog Pajamas

Dogs are just as afraid of the cold as we are. Introducing our newest and most fashionable line of pajamas, perfect for any dog in town for a nighty makeover. Not only comfortable and stylish, but these pajamas for Frenchies will also keep your cutie nice and toasty all winter long. Whether it’s chilly out or not, dressing your dog in these snug pajamas will have them feeling so good (and looking so cute) they might never take them off!

french bulldog pajamas

Satin Frenchie Pajamas

Frenchies deserve to sleep in style just like they are already unique and fabulous. These pajamas have soft Satin material, making it easier to snuggle up at night. The warm and soft material can also be worn outdoors when you decide to take them for a walk. So make a statement when you are out with your Mastiff puppy and complete your canine fashionista outfit!

dog pajamas

Sunny Side Up French Bulldog Pajamas

For those chilly nights, there is nothing more cozy and fluffy than the comfort of these sweet cotton pajamas. Four lovely pant legs promise to keep your little buddy fully covered through the coldest and roughest of weather. These pajamas are specially tailored to suit Frenchies, and come in six sizes.

french bulldog pajamas

Snuggly Pig French Bulldog Pajamas

Available in blue and red, these adorable French bulldog pajamas will be perfect for the season. They’re made with the perfect amount of warmth to keep them comfortable on cold days, and make the most stylish addition during the holiday season! They are also fleece-lined to protect your dog from hypothermia in case you want to take him outside in crispy water. With high cut on the belly and ribbed hem, neckline, and cuffs, these Frenchie pajamas are the way to go!

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