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All About French Bulldogs Muzzles

french bulldog breathing

Can French Bulldog Wear a Muzzle?

Many people think that dog muzzles only serve to prevent a dog from acting aggressively. However, it’s not like that! Dog muzzles can help dog owners in different situations and represent important tools in dog training lessons. Since choosing the right French bulldog muzzle seems difficult for many pet parents, we decided to introduce you to one that is specially designed to fit these little gremlins.

french bulldog muzzle

When does your Frenchie need to wear a muzzle?

Although seeing a Frenchie wearing a muzzle might seem cruel, it’s a useful tool that can serve different occasions. As we all know, Frenchies have flat skulls, so they need specially tailored muzzles that won’t restrict their breathing. Here is the list of situations when your dog can wear it.

  • Anxiety/ Fear

Anxiety and fear are one of the most common behavioral issues that often occur in rescued and traumatized dogs. Pooches who went through stressful situations such as punishment and rejection will be on a higher tendency to become anxious. An anxious dog often shows aggression due to a lack of confidence and bad experience with humans.  Therefore, a French bulldog muzzle should be used as a tool that can help you in teaching your pet to act calmed and relaxed. By performing professional training lessons, and by using a muzzle, your dog can become an obedient family member.

  • Injuries and surgeries

A dog who went through spaying, neutering, or some other type of intervention should wear a muzzle. It can restrict him from licking and chewing the injured spot. Besides, you can prevent developing infections that can worsen the condition.

  • Vet visits

Some pooches simply feel frightened when going to the vet, so a muzzle should help in preventing aggressive behavior.

Even though French bulldogs are famous for their friendly and affectionate nature, it’s also possible to find individuals who will have behavioral issues. Those are usually French bulldogs who haven’t been properly socialized. The key to living with a calm-tempered dog is to early star with socialization lessons.  They include introducing a Frenchie with odors from the environment, other dogs, cats, and people.

French Bulldog Wearing a Muzzle

What to look for when buying a French bulldog muzzle?

  • Choose a muzzle that features a padded hole for your Frenchie’s nose. In that way, you’ll prevent developing scratches and irritations on the soft nose skin.
  • French bulldog muzzle should have an adjustable strap that will allow you to customize the size.
  • The holes for the eyes should be wide enough and padded. Your dog needs to have a clear view while walking.
  • Your pooch should be able to drink water while wearing a muzzle. Therefore, make sure the hole properly around the dog’s mouth and nose.

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