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Is a Dog Collar Required? Pros and Cons of French Bulldog Collars

french bulldog collars

Does your French bulldog wear a harness or you prefer using a collar? Many owners are afraid of using French Bulldog collars. Regardless of what type of safety gear you choose for your pet, the only thing to keep in mind is his comfort.  In case you’re still in doubt about what the best collar for your dog is, it’s essential to know that not every collar will suit your Frenchie. Since these batpigs have thick necks and are prone to suffer from breathing issues, we’ve decided to list all the pros and cons of wearing French bulldog collars.

Should my French bulldog wear a collar?

When it comes to doing best for your furry gremlin, you probably have a struggle with the choice of buying a collar or a harness. The rule of thumb will be to consider your dog’s age and needs before making a decision. Vets recommend using harnesses at a young age because puppies will pull a lot when walking on a leash. In that way, you’ll save your pet from additional pressure on the neck and spine and will teach him/her a healthy posture.

On the other hand, French bulldog collars are desirable for adult dogs and they’re prescribed by law. Every dog should wear a collar with an ID tag that will contain all the essential info (the dog’s name and the owner’s phone or address).

So, the answer to the question ‘Should my French bulldog wear a collar?’ will be –Yes! French bulldogs should wear collars even during puppyhood. However, attaching a leash is not recommended until they learn to obediently walk beside owners’ legs.

What are the Pros and Cons of using French bulldog collars?

Every dog owner is familiar with a collar. It’s a pretty common choice, and it can be handy if you want to leave your pup’s ID tags on at all times or just attach them while out running errands! Therefore, if your Frenchie ever runs away or gets lost, a collar can serve as an instant visual cue to others that your furry friend has a home.


  • Unlike French bulldog harnesses, you don’t have to take the collar off your dog when you get back home. If you’ve chosen a lightweight collar for your Frenchie, there is no need for taking off.
  • A collar should carry your dog’s ID tag that can save him/her in unplanned situations (eg. Escape, loss)
  • It can suit nervous pooches who can’t stand wearing harnesses that provide a confined feeling.
  • A great pick for an obedient dog who learned a relaxed walking beside the owner’s leg.


  • Not a good pick for Frenchies who pull on the leash. Collars put pressure on the dog’s necks and can cause permanent neck and spine injuries.
  • Dogs are more likely to lose slide out of a collar and escape.
  • French bulldog collars will not be a good pick to use during training lessons. A well-padded Frenchie harness will provide you with better control over your dog. Due to multiple straps that go across the dog’s chest and back, your Frenchie will get better support during walks.

What to pay attention to when buying a collar for a French bulldog?

  • Measure your Frenchie’s neck

Carefully measure your furry friend’s neck and consider buying an adjustable type. Make sure you can put 2 fingers when you put the collar on.

  • Choose a good fabric

Since Frenchies have sensitive skin, our advice is to buy leather or padded collars. French bulldog collars made of nylon webbing can also be a good pick if they feature waxed edges.

  • Quality buckle

Buckle plays the most important role on a dog collar. You certainly don’t want your dog to run off just because you bought a cheap collar.

  • ID tag as a must-have item

Don’t forget to buy a quality ID tag for your Frenchie too. The following one is easy to attach to any D-ring and it will carry your dog’s name and your phone number.

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