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French Bulldog Breathing- Why Does Your Frenchie Breathe Heavy?

french bulldog breathing

If you are an owner of a French bulldog, then you should become familiar with their tendencies to experience breathing issues. French bulldog breathing problems can range from moderate to severe, so that’s why it’s important to know how and when you need to help your dog.

french bulldog breathing

French bulldog breathing- Things to know!

We all know that Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls which implies having the same amount of soft palate as other dogs. At the same time, they have narrow nostrils that make them incapable to sustain long walks and heavy exercise.

Some Frenchies can have slightly visible narrow nostrils from others. This feature influences Frenchies to struggle for breath in the hot weather and incapable to cool down the air they inhale.

How to help your French bulldog with breathing issues?

  • Don’t take them outside during the hottest part of the day

French bulldogs can go through a real-life struggle if you take them outside during the hottest part of the day. That’s why I suggest taking them to strolls early in the morning and late in the evening. If your pooch needs a potty break during the day, then you can dress him/her in a cooling vest and search for natural shadow.

  • Narrow nostrils surgery

If your Frenchie goes through breathing problems daily and has narrow nostrils, then you should consider performing a nostril surgery. Surgery is recommended both for moderate and severe cases. A long-term French bulldog breathing issue can strain the heart as well.

  • Elongated Soft Palate surgery

Although Frenchies’ muzzles evolved through history, the amount of tissue inside of their throats has left the same. Unfortunately, this occurrence makes them struggle for breath because the tissue blocks the flow of air in the upper airways. By performing the surgery of elongated soft palate, your pooch will breathe easier, and won’t choke during meals. You’ve probably noticed that your batpig sounds like he swallows not only the food but also the air. Well, it’s because he deals with three issues during meals: chewing, breathing, and elongated soft palate.

French bulldogs who suffer from breathing problems should place their heads on elevated edges during sleep. Dogs with standard muzzles sleep with closed mouths, however, Frenchies need a sort of wedge to make their sleeping time easier.

french bulldog breathing

  • Is your Frenchie overweight?

Obesity in French bulldogs should be treated immediately. It can only worsen the French bulldog breathing and make your dog unable to go on daily strolls. In this case, you should decrease the percentage of carbohydrates and consider switching him to a raw diet. Raw diet for French bulldogs will provide your pet with more energy and will boost his immunity.

  • Pay attention during the winter season

Not only hot but also cold weather can cause French bulldog breathing issues. Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from hypothermia due to previously mentioned issues. Therefore, my advice is to always dress your pooch in warm winter clothes when going outside in cold weather.

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