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How To Recognize French Bulldog Breathing Problems?

french bulldog breathing problems

If you’ve just decided to buy this puppy, then you should know everything about French bulldog breathing problems. Since their flat muzzles and the amount of tissue in their mouth can lead to difficulty breathing, it’s important to keep in mind when they can cause life-threatening issues.

french bulldog breathing problems

French bulldog breathing issues- How to know if your dog suffers?

We all know that Frenchies are one of the loudest snorers in the canine world. Many owners become concerned when they hear their Frenchies sound strange when exposed to hot weather and activities such as running, chasing, and jumping.

Even though French bulldog breathing problems can turn these pooches into the laziest couch potatoes you’ve ever seen, it’s still important to provide them with daily exercise to keep their weight within normal limits. Besides, daily walks will help their muscles and bones stay healthy.

French bulldogs might be one of the most popular dog breeds, but they also have their drawbacks. The brachycephalic (flat-faced) skull causes the muzzle bones and tissues in dogs’ mouths to grow too close together causing breathing problems! To relieve this respiratory issue, surgery is often over needed.

french bulldog breathing problems

Narrow nostrils

The French bulldog’s skull and muzzle make them hard to stay cool, so they overheat easily. They can’t inhale enough air since their nostrils also need ample space to get adequate oxygen intake. Unfortunately, many Frenchies may require nostril surgery to fix the narrow shape that doesn’t allow them to breathe normally. When a Frenchie has narrow nostrils, he/she breathes difficult, quickly gets tired, wheezes, and snores.

Elongated soft palate

This genetic disorder commonly occurs in French bulldogs, English bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston terriers. We can describe this condition as an excessive tissue in the dog’s mouth that doesn’t allow him/her to inhale enough air. It is located right behind the hard palate along with the roof of the mouth where bone meets soft tissue. If French bulldog breathing problems are caused by this genetic disorder, your vet will recommend surgery.

What are the symptoms of French bulldog breathing problems?

Does your Frenchie look like he just run a marathon and you’re walking with him for only 20 min? Heavy breathing, excessive slobbering, and wheezy breathing are only some of the symptoms that will tell you that your dog needs professional help. Increased heart rate and loss of energy during activities are also things to pay attention to.

How To prevent French bulldog breathing problems?

Keep your Frenchie out of the heat

As a Frenchie owner, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to pay attention to its tendency to overheat. To prevent your pooch from heatstroke, you should choose the coolest part of the day, make the dog drink plenty of water, and use cooling items. Using different cooling items for French bulldogs such as cooling collars, cooling beds, and cooling vests can help in keeping the body temperature within normal limits.

Keep your French bulldog’s weight at a normal limit

One of the things that can help you to prevent French bulldog breathing problems is to keep him/her in good shape. Although Frenchies aren’t famous for high energy levels, they still require going on daily strolls. If you’ve noticed that your little gremlin suffers from breathing issues and quickly gets tired, then the best solution will be to keep the strolls short. Instead of taking your dog to three strolls that usually last 30min, try to take him outside 4 or 5 times a day per 10 min.

Do not overfeed your Frenchie

Be careful when rewarding your furry batpig. French bulldog snacks represent additional calories, so if you use them daily, make sure you decrease the standard portions you feed your pet.

Keep your Frenchie out of the cold

French bulldogs are not only prone to overheating but also to hypothermia. Therefore, be careful when you take him outside in harsh weather. French bulldogs can’t regulate their body temperature like other dogs with standard long muzzles, so it’s important to dress them in warm dog winter clothing.