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What Are The Most Common French Bulldog Behavior Problems?

french bulldog behavior problems

French bulldogs are widely known for their cheerful and friendly personalities. They currently take a high 4th position in the homes of the USA and 1st position in the UK according to the AKC. A Frenchie will easily adapt to any type of family and it belongs to companion breeds who learned to work alongside their owners. Just like with any other dog breed, before you decide to add this lovely pooch to your family, it’s important to become aware of the potential French Bulldog behavior problems.

What are the most common French bulldog behavior problems?

We can’t deny that Frenchies are one of the most adorable companion pooches in the world. They catch everyone’s eye with those pointy ears, huge eyes, and flat faces. Besides, they are perfect dogs for apartment living conditions because they don’t require much exercise. However, just like any other dog breed, Frenchies are also famous for a few behavior problems.

Have you ever wondered why is your Frenchie acting clingy? Well, these cute batpigs are very dependable because they were bred to work beside their masters. Therefore, they won’t be a good pick for people who live busy lives and spend too much time outdoors.

french bulldog behavior problems

The next stage of being clingy is a condition called separation anxiety. If you don’t prevent your Frenchie from such a behavior problem from an early age, then he/she will very likely develop separation anxiety. It’s a condition where a dog starts to chew on home items, becomes noisy, and even hurts himself during time spent in solitude.

  • Stubbornness in French bulldogs

One of the most common French bulldog behavior problems is stubbornness. Even though these little gremlins are intelligent, they may act stubborn during training lessons. To prevent your pooch from such behavior, the key is to find the right motivational tool. Frenchies love treats more than anything in the world. They’re greedy eaters who would do anything just to get a tasty bite from the table. Therefore, we recommend you reward your Frenchie during training lessons to show the best results.

  • Destructive chewing

Destructive chewing can also be one of the French bulldog behavior problems. It can be triggered by the dog’s anxiety or boredom. Since it’s extremely important to make a clear distinction between these two conditions, you need to monitor your Frenchie’s behavior and discover what other symptoms are associated.

french bulldog behavior problems

Jealousy is closely connected with clinginess. Your little gremlin may be over-attached to you and become jealous every time a guest visits your house. Possessive behavior is common and easily recognizable. The dog keeps a favorite toy, a place to sleep, and doesn’t allow other pets to use his container for water and food.

On the other hand, jealous behavior can occur due to many reasons. The most common are the arrival of a new pet in the household, the arrival of a baby, a new emotional partner, and the illness of a family member. In other words, this disorder occurs when the dog feels the attention is focused on someone else and instead on him. However, let’s be honest. That’s how humans behave in certain situations as well.

Tips to prevent French bulldog behavior problems

To live with a confident and well-behaved Frenchie, it’s important to start with training lessons from an early age. Your pooch needs to learn what’s the best behavior by creating a positive association with an activity.

If your Frenchie chews on home items due to boredom, helping him to spend his pent-up energy will be the best way to prevent unwanted behavior. For example, you can take your batpig on long strolls and play fetch in your yard to make him pleasantly tired. A dog who gets enough physical activity will be less prone to destructive behavior at home. Besides, using different chew toys will be of great help to keep your pooch entertained and occupied.

french bulldog behavior problems

Separation anxiety in French bulldogs can be treated with interactive dog toys, by getting another dog, or by searching for a help of a dog behavior specialist. Your pet might need desensitization exercises and professional training lessons to stay calm when spending time alone.

To prevent jumping behavior in your Frenchie, the best method is to simply turn away and ignore your dog. You can also walk away if necessary and avoid eye contact and speaking with him. When your pooch settles down, you can calmly reward him. Repeat this session daily, and your Frenchie will quickly get the message.

Even though aggression rarely occurs in Frenchies, the environment has a major impact on their behavior. Early socialization is crucial to prevent your dog from aggressive behavior, as well as training lessons with an experienced trainer. French bulldog aggression is a treatable condition that should be stopped at the outset.