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Best French Bulldog Backpack Carrier! You will love it!

french bulldog backpack carrier

How many times did you want to have an extra pair of hands and to take your French bulldog with you? Leaving a puppy home can be a heartbreaking especially in case your best friend is not used to spend time alone. That’s why I want to represent you with a French bulldog backpack carrier that will help you in keeping your dog on the eye.

french bulldog backpack carrier

Why you should buy a French bulldog backpack carrier?

I bet that most of you have asked yourself why would you need to carry a dog in a backpack. Well, up to now, we all saw different baby carriers that parents use when going shopping or they just want to peacefully walk through the neighborhood. Of course, they use them for human babies that still don’t know to walk. So, why would your Frenchie need a backpack when he is capable to walk?

Frenchies can’t sustain long walks

The answer is pretty simple. French bulldogs can’t sustain long walks and over exhausting. Their brachycephalic skulls and respiratory systems make them prone to quickly get tired. Therefore, I advise you to think twice before you take your Frenchie to a long shopping.

The best solution when you’re in a hurry

The French bulldog backpack carrier presents a great tool when you need to finish a few errands. It’s suitable both for puppies and adult dogs. So, in case your pup is not a lover of long walks, then this product is the right choice.

Traveling with your Frenchie? Why not?

You can also use it for traveling purposes. It’s very practical and made from breathable material that will prevent your pooch from overheating. The big mesh areas can be found on both sides. The Frenchie carrier also has a perfect cutting and sewing so it will not stitch your dog’s body.

Thanks to the adjustable design, you can determine the size of a backpack carrier as your Frenchie grows. The bulkheads that can be found on both sides are ideal for putting a bottle of water and other essentials for your lovely batpig.

In case your French bulldog got injured or suffers from arthritis, this backpack can be a life savior. Note that dogs experience painful joints and stiffened muscles as they age.

One of the most important facts that every Frenchie owner needs to keep in mind is that the French bulldog breed is on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety and French bulldog backpack carrier

Since these gorgeous dogs belong to companion breeds, they learned to spend time besides their owners. Some Frenchies find it very stressful to stay home alone and can even become self-destructive. Therefore, in case your pooch suffers from this disorder, I suggest you not leave him home alone. In case of suffering from dog separation anxiety, your Frenchie will need to go through gradual therapy.

It implies buying separation anxiety toys, different chewing toys, taking a dog with you (when there is a possibility), and going through medication therapy.

So, my honest advice is not to leave a stressed Frenchie home alone if there is an opportunity to take him with you. It’s the time when this French bulldog backpack carrier should step in. Before he starts feeling relaxed to spend time alone, I recommend you to ask a behavior specialist and your vet for an opinion. Crate training, the leader program, and gradual changing your departure routine will surely help.