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The Cutest French Bulldog Statues To Decorate Your Home

We all love to decorate our homes with unique and eye-catching details that will reveal a lot about our tastes and styles. Since we’re quite sure there isn’t a Frenchie owner who wouldn’t love to have items inspired by these cute gremlins in their homes, we decided to select the best French bulldog statues that can bring a dose of uniqueness and cuteness.

What are the cutest picks of French bulldogs statues?

Dog statues have become a total hit in the last few months. It’s because they represent perfect gifts for every dog owner, lover, or admirer who wants to add something attractive and eye-catching into his/her living place.

If you want your house to make a great first impression, we recommend you choose items that can’t be found at every corner.  These French bulldog statues are made of high-quality ceramics, resin, and even concrete that will stay the part of your home for a long time.

Meditating French Bulldog Statue

Let this cute Frenchie protect your yard and explain to every coming guest how important is to feel relaxed and calm. Inspired by meditation which is the practice of settling the mind, this rustic-looking Frenchie will bring a dose of positive energy into your living space. Meditating French bulldog statue is made of durable plaster and it’s suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Graffiti French Bulldog Statue

Choose eye-catching, attractive, and colorful details if you want to escape sterile and boring-looking interior. This graffiti Frenchie statue will bring a dose of urban lifestyle and skate culture. It is available in 2 sizes and we are sure that every French bulldog owner would love to spice up his favorite corner with such unique details.

french bulldog statues

French Bulldog Welcome Statue

For every human who likes to spend time in the yard, this will be one of the best French bulldog statues to greet every coming guest. Since it’s handmade, every detail on this Frenchie looks so realistic. The cute pup is leaning on the pillow and is standing on the rock. The ‘pillow’ is emblazoned with a ‘welcome’ inscription, so you can place this statue in front of the door or in your yard.

Geometric Contemporary French Bulldog Figure

If you’re looking for a small Frenchie statue to decorate your office desk, car interior, or night table, then this will be your favorite pick. These adorable Frenchies are available in many colors and represent a cute pick for dog owners who want to have an item inspired by these furry creatures wherever they go.

French Bulldog Garden Statue

Made of durable resin for Frenchie lovers ad admirers, this dog statue is sure to blend right in with the surrounding natural elements. Suitable both for indoor and outdoor use, this lovely Frenchie statue will show everyone that these little gremlins take special places in your heart.

Vinyl French Bulldog Handicrafted Sculpture

Inspired by the culture of Egypt and its ancient pharaohs, this French bulldog statue is specially made to celebrate the love for dogs. Egyptians were among the earliest people to recognize the value of dogs and show their appreciation for their particular skills and talents. Therefore, this pick of French bulldog statues will perfectly fit homes decorated with antique furniture.

Handmade geometric French bulldog sculpture

If you want to bring modern and futuristic details to your interior, then we suggest you have a look at this statue. Available in 5 bright colors, a geometric Frenchie will bring totally new vibes into your living place.

French Bulldog statue

Made of glossy ceramic, this elegant Frenchie ornament can fit different types of interiors. You can choose between 3 colors and sizes, and it will surely thrill every Frenchie person. The dog statue carries a tiny metal collar around the neck, while the quality craftsmanship promises durability.