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Can French Bulldogs Eat Bananas?

Unlike many other fruits that can cause allergic reactions or digestive issues, bananas are completely safe for French bulldogs. This fruit can provide many beneficial effects to your dog’s body. However, just like with any other food ingredient, this one should also be eaten in recommended amounts.

Can French bulldogs eat bananas?

Absolutely yes. Bananas make a good motivational treat during training lessons. They are high in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, B6, and fiber. However, they’re also high in sugar, so your Frenchie shouldn’t eat them in large amounts.

Bananas can also heal stomach disturbances and diarrhea. They normalize the stool and coat the intestinal flora with healthy fibers.

You can feed your pooch with peeled bananas, however, even unpeeled ones won’t cause any digestive issues. Banana peel contains a high amount of fibers, so in some cases, it can cause temporary diarrhea. Such reaction means that your pet isn’t accustomed to the number of fibers that an unpeeled banana contains. The best way to reward your French bulldog with bananas will be to cut them into the appropriate serving sizes.

Can French bulldogs eat bananas every day?

Well, your dog can safely eat a few slices of banana daily.  As we already mentioned, this fruit is high in sugar that can lead to obesity and high blood sugar. Unfortunately, Frenchies are naturally prone to obesity due to their low energy level, so their owners need to pay attention to their calorie intake.

To escape gaining weight in your pet,  the rule of thumb will be to stick to the diet 90/10. In other words, your French bulldog should eat 90 % of his regular protein-based diet and 10% of treats. A balanced French bulldog diet should contain the prescribed percentage of meat proteins that will suit the dog’s age. The rest of his diet can contain veggies, fruit, and grains (but not all types).

How to serves bananas to your Frenchie?

Luckily, bananas are available in markets throughout the year. Therefore, your Frenchie can eat them fresh, and also frozen during the summer season. Some pooches don’t like the smell of this fruit, so feeding them with frozen slices of bananas would be the best choice. That’s how your pet can also get an icy refreshment during the summer season.

Tasty treatment for your French bulldog’s diarrhea

In case your dog got diarrhea, you can try feeding your pooch with the following recipe.

  • Boil a small cup of rice.
  • Let the rice cool off.
  • Add a half of the banana cut into small slices.
  • Feed your Frenchie with a few spoons of this mix every half hour.

In case your dog doesn’t show any improvement in the next 6-8 hours, our advice to visit your vet. Many dogs find this mix beneficial for treating digestive issues.

can french bulldogs eat bananas

Can French bulldogs eat bananas? Wrapping up

Bananas are one of the healthiest and safest fruits for all dog breeds. Therefore, our short answer to this question would be –yes. Unlike commercial treats that are high in additives, flavors, and artificial colors, bananas provide ingredients that many other treats don’t offer. Since bananas contain dietary fibers that are known as prebiotics, they can help your pet in regulating digestion and stools.