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What Is The Best French Bulldog Cooling Vest? Top Picks

Keeping a French bulldog safe in the summer season might sound challenging. Since these dogs have brachycephalic skulls, they are on a higher tendency to get heatstroke in hot weather. That’s why their owners should pay special attention to their hydration and other needs during warm months. Luckily, thanks to specially designed heat-resistance clothes, your dog will be able to spend more time outside. French bulldog cooling vest should become a must-have item in every Frenchie’s closet. Read on and find out why does your Frenchie needs to have it.

french bulldog cooling vest

What is a French Bulldog Cooling Vest?

A French bulldog cooling vest is a piece of clothing that helps a dog to maintain the optimal body temperature. Just like every dog, a French bulldog also likes to play, run, roll in the grass and perform all those witty activities outdoor. During the summer months, we need to pay special attention to their needs and protect them from overheating. Besides taking care of their hydration, using cooling items is equally important. Besides dog cooling beds and collars, a French bulldog cooling vest is also one of those must-have items for the summer season.

This type of dog vest features a heat-resistance fabric. Your dog should wear it wet to get the best cooling effect. As your dog walks outdoors, the vest will provide constant heat protection to his body.

Where to find the best French bulldog cooling vest?

Frenchie World online store offers you a wide assortment of cooling products for your Frenchie. Besides cooling pads, practical portable water bottles, and cooling collars, you can also find heat-proof vests for your Frenchie.

The following Summer Cooling Vest is available in 2 colors and it comes in a practical package. You should soak the vest in cold water, twist it, and place it in the fridge for about 20 min. By wearing it cold, your dog will get the best cooling effect. The fabric is breathable, lightweight, and skin-friendly. Since dogs can’t sweat, they would be thankful to wear clothes that will help them easier deal with high temperatures.

french bulldog cooling vest

Our second pick of a dog cooling vest is this adorable Watermelon Cooling Coat. The cute and fresh summer pattern is something that we especially like. The breathable and heat-resistance fabric provides a cooling effect of up to 45 min. As the vest starts to dry, you can splash it with cold water to improve the cooling power.

french bulldog cooling vest

French bulldog summer cooling jacket is probably the item you’ve never seen before. It’s actually a vest that comes with a practical cooling backpack. The backpack features packs of cooling gel that should be left in the fridge before wear. The mesh fabric of the vest is UV resistant, breathable, and can be worn wet. By carrying cold gel packs in the backpack, your dog will gradually decrease the body temperature without experiencing a temperature shock. The neckline is wide and elastic which is another important feature to consider. By wearing this French bulldog cooling vest, your dog will get the ultimate protection against heat and sun.

Unlike previously mentioned cooling vests, this Frenchie cooling vest features water-absorbent storage fibers. It provides a constant cooling effect due to a heat-proof layer, and special lining that stores moisture. It doesn’t contain chemicals, and it will keep your pooch safe in hot temperatures for a few hours.