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How To Bathe A French Bulldog?

bathe a french bulldog

Bathing a dog presents one of the first routines every dog owner needs to learn. It might look challenging at first because many dogs don’t like to bathe. They would rather skip that time and enjoy playing fetch. However, it’s one of the most essential things to do when owning a Frenchie because of his ‘hidden body parts’. That’ why I decided to help every owner of this breed to learn how to bathe a French bulldog.

bathe a french bulldog

How Often To Bathe a French bulldog?

For most Frenchies, it’s enough to have a bath once a month. However, if your pooch deals with environmental allergies, then he’ll probably require to have it more often. Regular fur cleaning between baths is also essential because in that way you’ll remove the allergens from his skin.

Another thing to consider when deciding how often to bathe a French bulldog is his lifestyle. If he likes to roll in the grass and looks like a messy piglet every time you get home, then he’ll require frequent bathings.

However, I also advise you not to overdo it because you’ll ruin your dog’s natural skin moist. Skin oils help the fur to look shiny and smooth. Some shampoos can irritate Frenchie’s skin and make it dry and dull-looking. As one of the worst-case scenarios, I would like to mention developing seborrhea, dandruff, and frizzies.

Therefore, one of the best solutions for keeping your dog’s fur clean and fresh is to use the following Dry cleaning Foam. It is specially crafted to suit sensitive French bulldog skin. It possesses a natural antibacterial effect, you don’t need to rinse it, and smells wonderful.

Brushing a French bulldog’s coat

Regular brushing of a dog’s fur presents another important factor to make your dog’s hair look smooth and healthy. During winter when Frenchie’s hair becomes thicker, you can use a harder brush for combing his hair. The following one might become the right choice for the winter season. Click on the image to see the price and where you can buy it.

When we talk about brushing a Frenchie’s coat during summertime, you can use a softer dog brush or glove.  The following glove has dozens of soft silicone pins that will not hurt the dog’s skin. It’s also good for reaching all Frenchie’s body parts such as armpits.

What is the best shampoo for a French bulldog?

Frenchies require using shampoos made of natural ingredients and herbs that will improve their skin. Since they are on a tendency to suffer from allergies, I don’t recommend you use human or baby shampoos. They have a different rate of pH and can dry your batpig’s skin. As one of the best shampoos for a French bulldog, I recommend you try the following one.

It prevents skin from skin inflammation, and redness, and reduces itching. Note that itching can lead to severe health issues such as pododermatitis, blisters, and wounds.

How to introduce a French bulldog to bathing?

Introducing a dog to a bathing routine should be performed from an early age. To make Frenchie have a positive association with this routine, I recommend you allow him to play with water first. During summertime, you can sprinkle your Frenchie puppy, and allow him to play in a baby pool. Of course, it’s highly important to keep your pup supervised because this breed can easily drown. Frenchies don’t know to swim due to their brachycephalic skulls and short legs.

Another step presents telling your dog praise words and giving him treats. You should practice the routine of bathing gradually and increase the time spent in the water until you succeed to do the bathing. Using lukewarm water is essential because a dog’s skin is different from ours. Bathwater should never be hotter than what you’d run for a human baby.

How to bathe a French bulldog?

To keep your Frenchie safe in the tub, I recommend you keep his eyes and ears protected. The bottoms of the tub can also be slippery, so it’s a good idea to put a towel at the bottom. Older Frenchies that experience issues with mobility are on a higher tendency to have accidents in the tub, so it’s better to think about how to keep them safe on time. The towel will help a French bulldog to feel more secure.

Bathing a Frenchie with a collar or a harness on his body may also help you to maneuver with your pooch. It can be a sort of handle while bathing him. The last, and maybe the most important thing is rewarding. By giving your little gremlin a treat occasionally will help him feel relaxed and happy to do the baths. Your main goal should be to create a positive experience in your Frenchie.

Since French bulldogs have dozens of folds on their bodies, it’s essential to clean them properly. Food leftovers and dirt can cause irritations, so it’s better to frequently check on them. The French bulldog tail is another body part that can hide feces and dirt. These fellows don’t have tails but have tail pockets. Make sure you raise the ‘tail’ and clean the pocket well. They are dark and moist places susceptible to bacteria.

Before you end up bathing a French bulldog, make sure you rinse the shampoo well. Any soap or shampoo left between the folds can make his skin itchy.

Polishing up

When you finish bathing your Frenchie, use a dry towel to absorb the water. The following dog towel perfectly absorbs the water. Using a hairdryer is not recommended because hot air from our hair dryers is too hot for their skin. There are blow dryers that are specially designed for dogs. However, you can also leave your Frenchie to air dry.

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