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8 Adorable French Bulldog Coats For Cold Weather

french bulldog coats

Thinking about how to save our Frenchies from hypothermia is one of the greatest concerns of every owner. Unlike long-haired dogs and dogs with normal muzzles, French bulldogs are incapable to regulate their body temperatures all alone. Therefore, dressing your batpig in warm French bulldog clothes doesn’t mean that you’re wasting your money on needless items. French bulldogs must wear clothes in cold weather, so that’s why we’ve selected 8 adorable French bulldog coats that will blow your mind!

What are the most adorable French bulldog coats for boys?

When it comes to choosing clothes for Frenchies, we have to mention that many owners can’t buy them in pet shops and local stores. These piglets have round and stout bodies, and short legs, so you can buy clothes for them only in specialized stores. Frenchie World is an online store that sells items that fit a unique body built of these pooches. Besides jackets and coats, you’ll also find care products and even toys for your little Frenchie.

We’ve selected 8 French bulldog coats both for boys and girls, and we are sure that you’ll find the one that will suit your little batpig.

Waterproof French Bulldog Parka

Waterproof French bulldog parka features a thick and soft layer of felt padding. Due to this fact, your dog will feel warm and comfy during those harsh winter walks. The high collar serves to provide extra support. Besides, the neckline is wide enough to allow your dog to breathe freely without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

  • The outer layer is made of waterproof polyester fabric. Thanks to this feature, the rain and snow will slip off the fabric. It helps not only in keeping your Frenchie’s coat dry, but it also makes him warmer.
  • The elastic bands go around the dog’s legs and help in keeping the coat in the right place.
  • The Velcro closure on the dog’s chest allows you to set the size. Therefore, your little gremlin can also wear it over a thick hoodie or sweater for superior warmth.
  • Metal D-ring to attach the leash. You won’t need to use a French bulldog harness anymore.
  • Reflective parts to improve visibility during night walks.

french bulldog coats

Winter Ski Dog Vest

If you would like to buy a winter-inspired Frenchie coat for strolls on those grey and cold days, our suggestion is to have a look at the following pick.

  • Ideal for going out in low winter temperatures
  • The nylon shell works as a thermal layer and makes the dog’s fur dry.
  • Button closure for easy dressing, and a high collar that suits Frenchies. Besides, the buttons prevent hair twitching.
  • Your pet can wear over one of the gorgeous Frenchie Sweaters to get a totally holiday look.

french bulldog coats

Waxed Canvas Jacket (Removable Hood)

This is one of the warmest French bulldog coats you’ll ever find for your pet. Besides a modern design, this jacket comes with a removable hood. It is available in 4 colors, and the waxed canvas works as a water-repellant fabric.

  • Casual and trendy pick for your Frenchie boy.
  • Ideal to be worn in extremely cold weather conditions.
  • Trendy pocket on the dog’s back. Decorated with a cute printed stripe.
  • A removable hood that can be worn in rainy and snowy weather. High cut that prevents potty messes.

french bulldog coats

Reversible French Bulldog Winter Dog Coat

One of the advantages of having a reversible Frenchie coat is that you can switch sides. Therefore, your pet will actually have 2 in 1 coats that you can match with the rest of the outfit. This pick of French bulldog coats features soft cotton, so it’s suitable for mild winter days. If your dog needs an extra layer, you can always put a hoodie on him and match it with your favorite side.

  • Padded edges that prevent skin irritations.
  • The inner side is made of soft cotton plush, while the outer layer is made of cotton water-repellent fabric.
  • Ideal for boys who suffer from hypothermia. The cut suits the French bulldog breed.
  • Available in many colors (both in female design). Comes with a quality zipper closure.

frenchie coat

What are the most adorable French bulldog coats for girls?

Slick Parka With Oversized Fur Collar

Reward your little Frenchie girl by bringing glam and trendy moments to her wardrobe. There’s no way that she will go unnoticed with this luxurious faux fur on the hood. It is available in many colors and sizes, and thanks to the soft and warm inner layer made of fleece, your dog can wear it in cold weather too.

  • Trendy pick for Frenchie girls. This parka will not only make your princess spotted but will also save her from hypothermia.
  • Decorated with rich and colorful faux fur on the dog’s back.
  • Button closure to prevent hair twitching.
  • An adjustable drawstring around the belly.
  • Metal D ring on the dog’s back to attach the leash.

french bulldog coats

Luxury Princess Pink French Bulldog Coat

For special occasions and those momentous days, we suggest you wrap your Frenchie into this cute Frenchie coat. It features adorable and soft pink faux fur and a hood with ears. There is also a satin bowtie on the back to bring a glamorous detail and make your dog spotted.

  • Ideal to be worn on chilly winter days.
  • Carefully made for Frenchie girls whose owners care about their style.
  • Features a hood with ears, and a lovely black satin bowtie.
  • Button closure for easy dressing.

french bulldog coats

Two-Tone Reflective Waterproof Dog Jacket

Golden and black color are always the perfect match. That’s why we decided to include this French bulldog coat on our list. This adorable jacket/vest features a soft felt lining, and quality hood to wear on those windy days.

  • Reflective stripe on the back to improve visibility.
  • Double metal D ring for better support
  • Lightweight but warm coat for your little furry princess.
  • The solid zipper that won’t crack.


coat for a frenchie

Luxury Leopard French Bulldog Coat

Sassy and Classy! That’s how we would describe every stylish Frenchie that enjoys wearing this coat. Made of superior faux fur and crafted in attractive leopard print, your pooch will catch everyone’s eye.

  • The attractive pattern for daring moments.
  • Ideal to be worn on winter days.
  • Hand washable in cold water.
  • Perfect for special occasions.
  • Features a high cut on the back to prevent potty messes.
  • Made of thick and quality faux fur.

french bulldog coats