1. They are actually from England

French Bulldogs originate from England, not France! They were first bred in 1800s by lace makers who wanted to breed small, miniature version of the English Bulldog. In the 1860s when craftsmen moved to France, they brought their “toy” Bulldogs along. They became very popular there and were given the name French Bulldogs. Those dogs were crossbred with Pugs and Terriers and that is how today’s French Bulldog was created. Latter they spread all around the world and even after numerous experts confirmed they were originally bred from English Bulldogs and they are close relatives, their French name remained.

2. They are perfect companions

Frenchies were bred to be companion animals in the first place. They are very loving, playful, clownish, affectionate, well behaved and loyal. Their clumsy moves and funny noises make them irresistible and entertaining. They are just the right size to keep them in the house, they don’t bark much, need very little exercise and get along well with other animals and children.

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3. They are terrible swimmers

Bulldogs are generally bad swimmers because they are top heavy and have pushed in noses. That is why they sink very easy and have trouble keeping their noses above the water line. Off course, there can be some exceptions. Some Frenchies, mostly slim and younger ones, can swim for a while, but in general they make terrible swimmers, so don’t leave them around water unattended, even with a life vest.

4.Hot weather is an enemy

Since they are brachycephalic breed or in layman’s terms they have short smushed in noses and short airways, they have trouble regulating body temperature on hot and humid climate. Therefore, it is preferable to keep them in air-conditioned rooms and out of the sun during the day. I know they may sound a bit demanding, but, their cuteness (and adorable personality!) makes up for all their shortcomings and nothing in the world is perfect, so why should they have to be, right?

5. Celebrities adore them!

French Bulldog is currently the most popular dog in Hollywood and he is probably more popular among celebrities than any other dog breed has ever been popular before. They are an absolute hit! To some famous ladies they almost come as some sort of fashion accessories, a “must have” if you want to leave the impression of prestige and they are just as popular among gentlemen. They have quite glamorous names too. Lady Gaga owns a girl called Miss Asia, Leonardo di Caprio named his dog Django and Hugh Jackman named his Frenchie Dali. Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, Victoria and David Beckham  and Martha Stewart are also among proud French Bulldog owners.

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6. They like to “talk”

One of the things that make Frenchies perfect pets for apartment and house conditions is the fact they are not very active on barking department, so they will not annoy you or disturb your beloved neighbors. However, they are far from quiet. They frequently produce sounds like yawning, yipping and gargling, so it appears they have their own language. Sometimes they also tend to „sing“ to the tune of the music you are playing or sing along with you.

7. They can’t stand being yelled at

When you are training your Frenchie, avoid scolding them, as well as yelling and criticism, because they are very sensitive. They might react by withdrawing, moping around or showing you their stubborn side, so instead you should use some sort of reward, patience and positive reinforcement as a tool during their house breaking or while you are teaching them acceptable behavior.

8. They have two types of ears

In the beginning the large majority of French Bulldogs  had rose-shaped ears, just like their ancestors English Bulldogs. English breeders preferred that shape and American breeders much more preferred unique bat ears. When rose-ears became the standard of English kennel clubs, the American breeders started protesting and raising hell on this issue, until they achieved their goal, which was bat ears becoming the standard of American French Bulldog kennel clubs. Because of that dispute and the fact that most dog owners also find it more charming, today most Frenchies have bat-shaped ears.

9. They are reproduced artificially

Because of their body proportions, male Frenchies have trouble mounting the females, so in most cases they have to be artificially inseminated. That is one of the main reasons they cost so much. The female also has small hips and babies tend to have disproportionally large heads, so they also need to deliver the babies through a c-section. Otherwise, the puppies might get stuck in the birth canal and their lives as well as their mom’s would be in danger. That would be another reason breeding French Bulldogs is very demanding, risky and expensive.

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