May 14, 2022
french bulldog life jackets

Top 7 French Bulldog Life Jackets In 2022

Nothing can replace endless summer adventures with your dog. However, if you’re planning to bring a Frenchie on your vacation and enjoy swimming together, then you have to think about buying a quality dog life jacket for your batpig. To keep your dog safe and relaxed by the sea or pool, we’ve selected the top 7 French bulldog life jackets. They are ‘must have’ summer […]
May 25, 2020
french bulldog life jacket

The Best French Bulldog Life Jacket in 2020

We all agree that going to the beach requires bringing equipment that will provide us spending a pleasant time at the beach. And, if you’re planning to go swimming with your Frenchie, then you’re probably aware of the fact that they need essential equipment too. French bulldog life jacket is definitely one of the most important items that will help your dog float. How to […]