Importing a puppy

Our team in Fleur de Vanille is very experienced when it comes to dog transportation and so far we never had any problem or incident on that area. As you know, French Bulldog is a bit more sophisticated and demanding than most dog breeds, so his transportation requires special preparations and professional approach.

We usually offer our clients several options:
–         For future owners from European countries it is often most convenient for them and the dog to visit us by a car. Besides being the most comfortable option for the dog it will also give you a chance to do some sightseeing. After all, our kennel is located in Novi Sad, second largest and one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. If driving here for some reason is not an option, we will arrange that the dog is delivered to you by a professional driver. We are already cooperating with a good team of people who are qualified and experienced in transportation of animals.
 –         Another option is that client flies in and comes to us directly or meets us at the airport. Whether you will be able to take the dog as a “carry on” or as a separate luggage depends on the standards and rules of the airline you are traveling with.
–         The last option is transporting the dog as separate luggage. It may sound a bit unconventional, but you have no reason to worry. Your Frenchie will be comfortable and placed in a separate air conditioned area of the plane. We have transported dogs this way many times before and nothing ever went wrong. Someone from our team always escorts the dog to where he will be placed and makes sure that he is transported under the proper conditions. In order to prevent any problems, we only use reliable airlines and direct flights whenever it is possible.
Our team personaly escorts dog and make sure that dog is in the place and under proper conditions. Still we work only with proven and proffesional shippers for over a 10 years (United Airlines and Lufthansa).
We at Fleur de Vanille will also make sure that all the paperwork relating dog’s health, condition and origin as well as legislative papers are delivered to you along with the dog (International health certificate, chip and passport, custom clearance, VAT invoice…etc).