French bulldog

French Bulldogs are perfect pets! They are very loving, playful, clownish, well behaved and loyal. Their pushed in faces, clumsy moves and funny noises make them simply irresistible and quite good at entertaining everyone around. You just have to love them! It will not take too long before they cowl under your skin and become irreplaceable member of your family.  And, they are just to right size to keep them in the house without having to make too many adjustments!

They are generally sweet, active and playful, but then again, every dog is unique. Each of them has his own energy level. They can be hyperactive or total lazy bags. Even puppies from the same litter can be very different. It is actually just like with humans! They get very attached to the owner, so they do not like to be left alone for too long. They are very smart, but can also be a bit stubborn. Some say that French Bulldogs are big dogs in a small dog body, so that is where the “attitude” they may have from time to time comes from. A dog need some level of discipline and  to be taught some rules. They also need to learn that you are the boss. If you do that while the dog is young, your Frenchie will be obedient and adaptable.
French Bulldogs are not aggressive breed! They get along with other animals just fine. In rare occasions, they express some aggression towards dogs of the same sex. They get along with children and other animals, such as cats and birds, but it works better if you introduce them while they are young. Oh, one more thing – all Frenchies are attention addicts. They love to be the center of the Universe and whit their natural cuteness and clownish charms, they usually are!

Boys vs. girls
Every dog has his own personality and must be taken as an individual. Girls generally tend to be territorial, moody and feisty and boys are more calm (if neutered, of course). I sincerely advise you to fix all male dogs if you are not planning to breed them and that way they will be easier to handle because they will no longer be driven by testosterone. Again, every puppy is special and if you want a guarantee of what your Frenchie will be like when he grows up, just get a grown dog.

Grooming and potty training
French Bulldogs grooming is pretty simple. Since they have deep face wrinkles, you need to keep them clean. Just wipe them with hypoallergenic perfume free baby wipes and dry them with a towel. Baby wipes also come handy when it comes to whipping their butts after pooping. You can brush their coat a few times a week and when it comes to taking a bath, once or twice a month is good enough. Keep their ears clean and clip their nails from time to time, when you notice they have grown too long.
Potty training is a learning process and it takes time. Best to start with potty training routine when they are young. Teach you dog too potty outside the house. You should pay attention to your dogs eating and sleeping schedule and signs that he needs to go potty. It is recommendable that you do it in a same place, because the odors will signal your puppy it is ok to pee or poop there. Sometimes the simple command is just enough and after they are done, you can reward them with a treat or petting on the head. You also need to find a way to show him it is not ok to potty in the house. It takes patience and consistency, but by the time they are six months old, they should know the rules.

Size and color
Average French Bulldog weighs 16 to 28 pounds and they are 12 inches to one foot tall at the shoulder. They can be heavier, lighter, taller or shorter, as long as it is within that range, it is ok. They have typical French Bulldog masculine compact built, but every dog is individual. Some are a bit stockier, some are a bit more slim… And, friendly advice- beware of imported puppies. Always ask for the photographs of the dog you are buying and photographs of the parents. Otherwise, you may end up with a 40 pound dog that only resembles French Bulldog.
When it comes to color, if you want just a pet dog – Frenchies come in all colors. If you want a show dog, you should avoid a dog that is black (without a dot of any other color), tan and grey (blue).
Frenchie’s coat is short and smooth. Most of them don’t shed a lot, but that depends on many factors, such as nutrition, how often you bathe them, which shampoo you use and the climate. When the weather is cold they get winter coat and as the spring comes, most of them starts shedding in some degree.

Health and life span
As you may know, all brachycephalic dogs have trouble regulating their body temperature, so they should avoid tropical weather and too much physical activity on a hot summer day. It is also important that you know that most Frenchies can’t swim. It is because they are top heavy, so they sink very easily.
Their life span is usually 10 to 14 years. They also have very small litters. It is average two to four puppies, rarely more. If you see a bitch with five, six or more puppies, it is most probably one of those large imported 40 pound dogs, that is not pure bred.

Activity levels
Most French Bulldogs love to play, but tire very easily. Of course, there are always exceptions, but most of them are not too active. They much more prefer a short walk or playing.