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April 25, 2020
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How To Travel With A French Bulldog? Can They Fly?

travel with a french bulldog

As a French bulldog owner, you’ve probably heard a lot of debate about this breed’s health concerns while traveling. Depending on the type of trip, you need to make a list of essentials that will ease your stay. Since ‘How to travel with a French bulldog?‘ is one of the most common questions I hear from my clients, I decided to relieve this topic. Other questions include ‘Is it safe to travel on an airplane with your Frenchie, and are they allowed to fly in cargo?’ These are only some facts to consider before you decide to travel this summer season.

travel with a french bulldog

How to travel with a French bulldog? The ultimate tips

Traveling with your French bulldog should be a memorable experience for both of you. That’s why it’s essential to bring items that will ease your trip. On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel with a French bulldog by plane, I recommend you to first find an airline that doesn’t ban this breed to fly. Since Frenchies have brachycephalic skulls, they are not allowed to fly in cargo like other dog breeds. Lately, many airlines made this decision due to an increased number of brachycephalic dogs’ deaths.

Not only Frenchies may experience problems with breathing due to going through the ‘airplane ear’ syndrome, but also because they belong to companion dogs. French bulldogs may also find flying as a stressful experience. They are on a higher tendency to suffer from separation anxiety when spending time separated from their owners. Therefore, instead of giving up on traveling, I recommend you to find an airline that allows you to take the dog with you in the cabin. Make sure you check the rules about the dog’s size that is allowed to travel with a dog nanny before you buy tickets.

travel with a french bulldog

What to bring when traveling with your Frenchie?

  • Health certificate

A week or two before you decide to travel with a French bulldog, I recommend you to visit your vet to get a health certificate. It is a sort of declaration that your pet is ready to travel and that he/she got all the vaccines.

  • Pet’s passport

Just like humans, your Frenchie should have a passport that allows him/her to travel to foreign countries.

Bringing portable water bottles for your Frenchie is essential because you surely don’t want him to dehydrate. However, don’t allow the dog to drink plenty of water during flight or car ride. Otherwise, your dog may have potty messes and start to vomit.

  • Bring your dog’s favorite snacks

Every trip gets better by eating snacks. Therefore, relax your Frenchie, and use snacks as a reward for his obedience. Show your dog affection and cuddle him because that’s how you will prevent him from anxiety.

  • Disinfectant wipes

Don’t forget to bring disinfectant wipes to disinfect your dog’s paws and your hands when you enter the plain.

Choose the time of travel

If you’re traveling in the summer, then I suggest you choose the morning hours for your departure. In that way, you’ll escape the hottest part of the day and prevent your dog from heatstroke. This should be the rule to follow, especially in case you’re planning to travel with a French bulldog by car. Here is the checklist of the essentials to bring when going with a Frenchie on the trip.

What to bring when you go hiking with your Frenchie?

Go hiking with a French bulldog is definitely challenging because they don’t belong to working and high-energy dogs. Long walks, and going hiking with a Frenchie might sound like a great adventure. However, instead of exposing this breed to great physical exertion, my suggestion is to use a French bulldog backpack carrier.

The Frenchie World store offers you a great assortment of carriers for French bulldogs that can be used on any type of travel. The following Dog backpack sack carrier has adjustable points and parts made of breathable mesh. It’s made of solid fabric and you can use it not only when you travel with a French bulldog but also when a dog has mobility issues.

travel with a french bulldog

What else you should not forget to bring when traveling with a Frenchie?

  • Harness and leash with the dog’s ID tag

Choose a high-quality French bulldog harness that will keep your dog safe while walking in a new area. Your dog might start acting insecure or pulling you in order to explore the new environment. That’s why I suggest you bring a harness instead of a collar for a Frenchie. Harnesses keep the dog’s spine and hips in a healthy position and transmit the pressure to their chest area.

travel with a french bulldog

Depending on the area you’re planning to travel, I advise you to bring your French bulldog’s clothes to make him warm or to prevent him from overheating. Use summer-cooling items if you’re traveling in the summer such as a cooling collar or a summer cooling vest.

In case you’re planning your trip during colder months, then you better not leave the house without bringing warm and padded jackets for your Frenchie. Since these pooches have thin and one-layered coats, they may suffer from hypothermia.