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Discover The Best Beds For French Bulldogs: 2024 Ultimate Guide

beds for french bulldogs

Expert Reviews: Top Comfort and Style Choices For Bed For Your Frenchie

Are you looking for high-quality beds for French bulldogs to help your pet sleep like a baby? Providing a dog with quality time for sleeping will improve its health and make it feel less anxious. Unlike other dog breeds, Frenchies are on a higher tendency to suffer from anxiety.

By buying your dog a cozy bed for sleeping, you’ll make it feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe. The following list of the top 11 beds for French bulldogs will be of great help when choosing one for your little gremlin.

Fawn French bulldog puppy sleeping on his back hugging a plush toy

What Are The Benefits of Buying a Bed For Your French Bulldog?

  • Building Independence

No matter how much you love your dog, teaching him/her to sleep in his/her own bed is important. That’s one of the ways to encourage independence and help your dog grow into a healthy and happy dog. French bulldogs belong to companion dogs, which means they easily attach to their owners.

Although this fact might sound cute at first glance, such feature also makes them more prone to suffer from separation anxiety.

So, besides encouraging independence in your pet, sleeping alone brings other benefits as well.

  • Cleaner Beds

As we all know,  Frenchies are moderate shedders. However, finding their dead hair all over your bed is definitely not thrilling. Buying a bed for your French bulldog is the simplest solution to keep your bed sheets clean. No matter how much you love your batpig, just remember how much dirt their paws can carry.

  • The Right Pick For French Bulldogs Of Age 8+

As dogs age, they start to lose cartilage in their bones and joints. To help your senior Frenchie easier paw through old age, and prevent arthritic issues, it’s essential to buy a quality dog bed. Depending on your pet’s needs, you can also choose beds for French bulldogs made with different types of sponges and memory foam.

Fawn French bulldog puppy sleeps on a back covered with pink knitted blanket

What to look for when buying beds for French bulldogs?

Type of a dog bed:

Every dog sleeps differently. In other words, you should monitor your Frenchie’s sleeping habits to easier determine the type of bed they needs. For example, some pets love to spread all over their bed, and sleep on their back, while others love to put their heads on elevated edges. Those are only some of the features to monitor when choosing a bed for your Frenchie.


None of us would like to change their dogs’ beds every year. It’s not only expensive but also consumes a lot of energy. That’s why we recommend you buy a high-quality beds for French bulldog that will be made of quality and sturdy fabric. At the same time, a dog bed should also be soft and comfy enough to provide your pet with quality time of sleep.

If you own a puppy, then it is to be expected that it will chew on many home items during the teething phase. If you live with a little chewer, fabric beds filled with pp cotton, memory foam or other cushioning might not be the best choice.

Summer or winter dog bed for French Bulldogs:

As a Frenchie owner, you have to keep in mind they’re on a higher tendency to suffer from hyperthermia and hypothermia. Therefore, you can’t use only one bed throughout the year. A perfect summer bed for your Frenchie should be filled with cooling gel or feature an outer layer made from an ice silk fabric.

On the other hand, low temperatures can be very tricky for your pet. French bulldogs should not be allowed to sleep in temperatures lower than 15C, so our recommendation is to choose dog beds made of plushy fabrics for the winter season. Frenchies love to snuggle up in low temperatures and feel safe and warm.

What are the best picks of beds for French Bulldogs?

Orthopedic SpineSoothe™Waterproof French Bulldog Bed

Made under the supervision of vets and experts, this bed is everything you want for your four-legged friend! Available in three sizes and crafted using memory foam covered with waterproof, durable, yet ultra-soft fabric, you can’t go wrong choosing the SpineSoothe™ bed from the French Bulldog Store.

With its simple design, this bed will fit well in any interior, but most importantly, your Frenchie will enjoy sleeping while the bed takes care to snugly protect their hips, spine, and neck. Highly recommended!

Cream French bulldog sleeping in a gray dog bed

Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed

Your Frenchie will never want to sleep in any other bed after using our Canvas Soft & Cozy French Bulldog Bed. It’s the comfy & cuddly choice for pooches of all ages. The 100% waterproof oxford material is durable and perfect for both puppies and Frenchies olden than 10 years with bladder issues. Its felt lining shapes to your dog, providing extra comfort no matter what size they are!

beds for french bulldogs

“Cheap & Chic” Ultra soft durable bed

It’s more than a French bulldog bed. It’s an investment in your pet’s comfort and happiness. With the “Cheap & Chic” dog bed, you can rest assured you’re giving your pup the basics in life. Inspired by modern design and affordable quality, this beautiful quilted bed delivers on its promise of simple comfort for quick-growing pups.

beds for french bulldogs

Corduroy Nest French Bulldog Bed

Winter is coming and we all know how chilly it can get. Save your furry friend from being exposed to the cold with a cozy winter French bulldog bed! This is a perfect size and features elevated edges to serve as pillows. You’ll be loved through and through when they shrink into this cozy bed. Purchase a loving sense of security for your dogs with our warm and heavenly plush velvet-coated dog beds. The fabric is resiliently easy to clean and suits every style of home decor.

french bulldog bed

Cozy & Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat

No one knows about your Frenchie’s comfort like you do. You know how they prefer to snuggle closer to themselves or their toys when they sleep and then roam around the bed, curling up in cute little balls? That’s why your darling dog deserves the Cozy and Breathable French Bulldog Sleeping Mat because it makes them comfy and happy no matter what they’re up to!

beds for frenchies

Dual Suede French Bulldog Nest

You will have both – bed and dog house with this Dual Suede French Bulldog Nest. It provides a secure and cozy environment for pets that are prone to anxiety. Thanks to a zipper closure, you can easily transform this dog house into a cozy bed. A practical design means your adorable Frenchie can enjoy spreading all over the soft mattress and also snuggle up during cold winter nights.

beds for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib

Your Frenchie will bark with excitement when they come home to this bed! Surveys show that four out of five Frenchies say they sleep better after resting their paws on this elevated bed. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect Fido match. Thanks to a cooling outer layer, this thin and lightweight corner crib will be a perfect option for sleeping on hot summer days.

beds for french bulldogs

French Bulldog Swing Bed

The Frenchie dog bed provides your bulldog with an astounding space to rest, but also playtime. You can adjust the location of the hammock in 4 different ways depending on what your pet needs. Whether for seeking relief from the summer heat, or maintaining a normal body temperature at all times, you can leave your Frenchie to sleep like a baby

beds for frenchies

Frenchie World® Donut Cuddler Bed

For a self-warming, cushioned, & furred shelter buddy, look no further than this Frenchie dog bed! Made of high-quality faux fur that resembles mommy’s soft coat, our oversized self-warming dog bed is perfect for your large and big-boned pooch. With deep cambers and cozy fabric, your furry BFF will always be rested and happy in the poochable bed. The shape of a nest and soft faux fur will provide your pooch with essential warmth and a feeling of safety.

beds for french bulldogs

5 in 1 French Bulldog Crate Set

Beds are not just beds anymore. Dogs are spoiled too and they deserve something luxe to lay on. Do they really suffer from a lousy chair like humans? We think not. Add some character to your home with the Frenchie dog bed; designed with gentle, elevated edges and in one of a refined design, it’s perfect for cuddling and the coolest spot for dozing off. This 5-in-1 French bulldog bed is perfect for any season because it easily transforms from a warm Frenchie house into a lightweight summer mat.

beds for french bulldogs

Lounge Washable French Bulldog Sofa Nest

This is one of the best beds for French bulldogs who suffer from separation anxiety. It looks like a nest and it’s made from a soft, plushy fabric that is easy to clean. Our dogs deserve to have an amazing experience and enjoy the benefits of quality sleep. That’s why Frenchie World puts quality materials, and thoughtful design into this dog bed; to make them happy, healthy, and relaxed.

frenchie bed

Care and Maintenance of Your French Bulldog’s Bed

Maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your French Bulldog’s bed is not just about keeping your home neat; it’s a crucial part of ensuring the health and comfort of your furry friend. A clean bed can prevent skin irritations, allergies, and even infections caused by dirt, parasites, and bacteria. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn practical, easy-to-follow tips for the care and maintenance of your French Bulldog’s bed.

Understanding the Material
The first step in proper care is to understand the material of your Frenchie’s bed. Most high-quality dog beds are made of durable, pet-friendly fabrics such as canvas, microfiber, or fleece. These materials are chosen for their durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Check the bed’s label for specific care instructions like water temperature, drying methods, and detergents that are safe to use

Regular Washing

Regular washing is essential. Depending on your dog’s habits and the bed’s exposure to dirt, it should be washed weekly or bi-weekly. Use a mild, pet-safe detergent to avoid irritating your dog’s skin. If the bed has a removable cover, it’s easier to wash it separately. Ensure thorough rinsing to remove all soap residues.

Drying the Bed Properly:
After washing, ensure the bed is completely dry before allowing your Frenchie to use it again. Damp beds can breed mold and bacteria. If the bed is dryer-safe, use a low-heat setting. Otherwise, air dry it in a well-ventilated area or under direct sunlight, which also helps eliminate bacteria.

By following these tips, you are not only providing a comfortable and clean resting place for your French Bulldog but also contributing to their overall health and well-being. Remember, a well-maintained bed is a key component in your pet’s daily life, reflecting your care and commitment to their happiness.

Sleepy merle French bulldog puppy covered with white sheet on the bed

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing Health with the Right Bed For Your French Bulldog

In concluding, the right bed for your French Bulldog is not just a matter of comfort, but a vital component of their health and wellness. Throughout this article, we have emphasized the importance of choosing a bed that caters to the specific needs of French Bulldogs, particularly focusing on the support for their hips and neck. These areas are crucial for preventing joint pain and ensuring long-term mobility, especially for a breed prone to such issues.

A well-chosen bed will offer ample space, proper cushioning, and durable material to ensure your Frenchie’s comfort and support. Additionally, considering the bed’s ease of maintenance is essential to maintain a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment. This is key to preventing allergies and skin issues, common concerns for French Bulldogs.

By following the guidance provided, you will not only enhance your pet’s daily comfort but also contribute significantly to their overall health. Remember, investing in a quality bed is an investment in your French Bulldog’s well-being. It’s a commitment to their comfort, happiness, and health, ensuring they remain an active and joyful companion in your home. A well-rested and healthy French Bulldog is a source of endless joy and companionship, making your efforts in selecting the perfect bed a rewarding endeavor for both you and your pet.


  1. What size bed is best for a French Bulldog?
    • The ideal bed size for a French Bulldog should provide enough space for them to stretch out comfortably without being too large, as they often feel more secure in a snug space. Measure your Frenchie from nose to tail and add a few inches to determine the best bed length.
  2. How often should I clean my Frenchie’s bed?
    • Clean the bed at least once every two weeks, or more frequently if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors or has allergies. Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of dirt, hair, and allergens.
  3. Are orthopedic beds good for French Bulldogs?
    • Yes, orthopedic beds are excellent for French Bulldogs, especially those with joint issues or older dogs. These beds provide extra support for the hips and neck, crucial for the breed’s long-term joint health.
  4. Can I get a bed that matches my home decor?
    • Absolutely! Dog beds come in a variety of styles and designs. You can choose one that complements your home decor while still providing the comfort and support your Frenchie needs.
  5. What should I do if my French Bulldog doesn’t like their new bed?
    • Give your Frenchie some time to adjust to the new bed. You can encourage them by placing their favorite toys or an old shirt with your scent on the bed. If they still don’t take to it, consider the bed’s material, location, and size to ensure it meets their preferences.

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