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How To Survive Summer With Your French bulldog? 10 Must Have Items

As a French bulldog owner, you’re certainly familiar with their tendency to overheat. Summer is the time when you need to pay special attention to this issue. Due to their shortened nostrils, and soft palate, French bulldogs aren’t capable to sustain hot weather condition. They simply can’t breathe enough air to cool down quickly. However, you can spend a great summer with your Frenchie without experiencing any problem.

Summer with your French bulldog doesn’t need to present a problem

By observing your dog’s behavior in hot weather, you’ll be on halfway to know what to do. Some of the most common symptoms that your dog’s having a heat stroke are noisy breathing, excessive panting, dehydration, lack of urine, rapid pulse, muscle tremor, and weakness.

Since Frenchie owners often experience a dilemma what do their batpigs really need for the summer, I prepared the list of must-have items that might help you spending a stress-free summer.

Portable travel water bottle

Hydration is very important when spending time outside in the summer not only for people but also for dogs. Therefore, you need to make sure that your lovely pooch drinks plenty of water. This Portable travel water bottle presents essential piece which allows your dog to have access to safe and clean drinking water any time. The design allows easy use with the water being dispensed into the holder for your dog to drink from. The bottle is available in different colors and has a volume of 250ml.

Frenchie World® 360 Dog Washer

Who tells that summer with your French bulldog can’t be excited? Why not spice up hot summer days with providing your pooch with some extra baths? the following Frenchie World dog washer can be used both inside and outside the house. It connects to your standard hose and automatically mixes shampoo with water. In case you only want to cool off your little gremlin, it can be used without shampoo as well.

Shark Dog Safety Life Jacket

How to forget on keeping Frenchie safe in the water? Since swimming doesn’t present their cup of tea, providing your pooch with a dog life jacket is more than essential.

The dorsal fin that it’s outfitted with will make your dog look downright adorable. The vest is highly functional and practical, and since it is made from a particularly durable material, it can withstand the test of time. It can be used both to build the confidence of your pet when it comes to swimming and for keeping him or her safe.

Something you might want to know about this product is that it is also equipped with a D-ring at the top, which means that you can conveniently connect your leash to the vest, therefore giving you the freedom to momentarily use it as a harness.

Self Cooling™ pad bed

Spending summer with your French bulldog can become the best time ever both for you and your doggie. With this Self-cooling pad bed, you can enjoy spending time outside under the shadow of trees.

Note that you can take off your clothes but your Frenchie can’t escape from his furry skin. That’s why is good to have a self-cooling bed that will cool off him in a few minutes. A cooling bed is usually filled with either gel or water and works best when kept out of direct sunlight. Most dogs will take a few days to get used to the pad. Though this mat may look just like the other gel pads, the Self Cooling™ pad bed has been designed to fit onto couches perfectly – which makes sense, considering that’s where pets love to hang out.

It’s also super easy to clean and extra thick, making it ideal for households with dogs that shed…a lot, or households with dogs who love to chew!

Frenchie World® Special microfiber towel

Having a special towel for your lovely batpigs seems like an inevitable part when spending time by the pool or on the beach. I don’t even need to mention the situations when those little piglets want to enter the house by shaking off all the dirt from their coats. So, you’d better think on time how to save your walls and furniture from those cute unpredictable troubles.  Frenchie World® Special microfiber towel will dry and clean you wet and muddy pooch in minutes, leaving your car’s interior or house smelling fresh and fur-free!

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™

Everyone would agree there is nothing worse than seeing unresponsible dog owners’ behavior. I don’t even want to mention the feeling of stepping on a dog’s poop. That’s why this Bone-shaped Poop Bags dispenser should become your must-have item wherever you go. Since your lovely gremlin can’t pick up a

Bone Shaped Poop Bags Dispenser™ presents the perfect solution for helping the planet.  Bags feature extra long length so you don’t have to worry about your sleeves.

They have a pleasant lavender scent that helps to mask odors so you won’t mind carrying the bag while you finish your walk!

Frenchie waterproof car seat cover

Here we come to one of the most important tasks when traveling with a dog. Traveling in summer with your French bulldog might become challenging for many reasons. Luckily, these furry gremlins don’t shed much. However, for keeping your car clean and to provide your pet with extra safety, I recommend you to buy a dog car seat. Dog car seats also present a great solution in case you own a puppy that is still not properly house trained. Of course, I would like to remind of something more important too. Leaving your dog in a car alone in the summer months can turn out to be fatal. Since the car temperature goes double in a very short period of time, not even an opened window can prevent him from a heat stroke.


summer with your french bulldog


Mermaid Dog Life Jacket

Why not be different from the rest and stand out from the crowd with this witty Mermaid dog life jacket? You can break a traditional design with this crazy outfit and provide your Frenchie with safety at the same time. The middle of the lifejacket has two closures and an adjustable buckle closure that closes over the velcro for extra support. The handle on the back makes it super easy to grab your pup in case of emergency.

Dog Safety Car Set

When you go traveling with your pooch, you should always think about his safety first. That’s why I suggests you to buy the following Dog safety Car set that comes with a car seat, dog seat belt, harness and leash for your Frenchie. In that way, you’ll also prevent him from sudden jumping into your lap while driving, and will save your car from dirt and his hair.

Silicone Frenchie brush glove

Dog owners are definitely familiar with the excessive shedding in summer months. So, in order to keep your French bulldog’s coat shiny and free of dull hair, it’s good to have a silicone glove.  It will help you to remove all the dead hair from his skin and to provide him with a relaxing massage. Let the summer with your French bulldog begin and enjoy spending time together by using overneeded su